Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s

Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s

cannes best of cooking and drink'sThe book of the new literary and gastronomic season to devour in the Capital of Cinema is the 2nd edition of Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s currently on newsstands in and around Cannes.

With its original concept, Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s showcases the best tables in the city of Cannes and especially their chefs’ recipes. The purpose of this beautiful book is to enhance the expertise of the taste artisans, the restaurateurs’ work and promote them in a high quality support designed to attract a clientele of tourists, conventioneers and locals.

Beautiful culinary encounters

At first glance, with its nice red blanket, the Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s might look like supreme leader Mao Zedong’s book of quotes. Fortunately, it contains recipes rather than precepts and differentiates itself by its size, of course more imposing, by its elegant paper, and its beautiful illustration of pictures linking well word and image.
Over the first two editions, the culinary guide has become a precious bible for lovers of good food as it lists the best restaurants in Cannes and surroundings. A book that instantly immerses the reader in an explosion of flavors and a freshness universe under the form of beautiful culinary encounters, since each of the venues also gives us their chef’s “signature” recipe.

cannes best of cooking and drink's

At Zao Sushi Bar

An innovative concept

With an English-sounding title, Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s is an attractive book that is presenting some of the most representative restaurants with regard to “well eating”, “well hosting” and art of living in Cannes and surroundings. Each of the addresses listed in the book introduces readers to the culinary skills of artisans in Cannes with various specializations such as olive oil, wine, meat, bread, cold meats, pasta, oysters and shellfish, cheese, pastry, chocolates, coffee or tea.

Illustrated with gorgeous pictures

The Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s book, which contains gastronomic treasures to date ignored in Cannes, is a high quality support, rich of almost 200 pages. Illustrated with gorgeous pictures that highlight both the establishment and the dishes of recipes, it is intended to attract a clientele of tourists, conventioneers and locals. The second edition was launched by the UMIH (Union of Trades and Hotels Industries) in partnership with SG Com, a Cannes communication and edition agency. With a circulation of 12 000 copies, it can be found at La Fnac, Cultura, and on newsstands.

cannes best of cooking and drink's

Spider Crab by Christian Sinicropi ©DR

Spider crab, cooked like a caramel custard

We extracted from Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s the exceptional recipe of “Spider Crab, cooked like a caramel custard” by Christian Sinicropi, two-star Chef of  gastronomic restaurant La Palme d’Or at Cannes Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez.

Recipe for 8 people

– 4 spider crabs
– 1 bead of coriander
– 2 gr of curry powder
– 2 gr of turmeric
– 3 gr sheets of filo pastry
– 100 gr of butter
– 50 gr of clarified butter
– 50 gr of icing sugar
– 1 Kaffir lime
– 2 fennel bulbs
– 1 shallot
– 1 white onion
– 2 long peppers
– 6 eggs


Take the crab and remove the legs from the legs from the body and make a crab stock using the shallot, white onion fennels, carrot and long peppers. Leave to cook for between 1 and 2 hours. Remove the crab’s legs and heads to be shelled and filter the stock through a strainer. Keep the crab meat and the stock to one side. Make a royale cream with the stock and 4 eggs. Place in small baking moulds and cook in the oven at 80°C for 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and turn out onto some greaseproof paper. Makea mayonnaise with the 2 remaining eggs. Add the chopped coriander, curry powder and turmeric. When finished mix the mayonnaise with same amount of crab meat. Brush each sheet of filo pastry with clarified butter, then dust with icing sugar and grated lime zest. Double cook in the oven at160°C for 4 minutes. Arrange the spider crab royale in the middle of a plate. Keep the ring around it so you can place the smoothed crab meat mixture on top. Remove the ring and finally add the filo pastry before serving.

Cannes Best of Cooking and Drink’s was presented at Zao Sushi Bar in the presence of Alain Lahouti, President of the UMIH 06 HCR, and his team and Gilles Cima, Delegate to the attractiveness of streets and shopping areas, commercial activities, artisanal development, festivals and events, patron festivals, commerce, crafts and terraces.

The book is distributed on newsstands in Cannes Mandelieu-La Napoule, Le Cannet and Mougins and at Cannes Tourist Office.

Selling price: € 15.

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