Castorama Antibes, The World’s Largest

castorama antibes inauguration


Castorama Antibes, the brand’s largest store in the world, offering 17,000 m2 dedicated to improving the house, was inaugurated on December 7, 2015.

“Castorama Antibes has been with the Alpes-Maritimes residents wishing to improve their home for over 35 years,” Jean Pierre Llorca, Managing Director of the store said. Opened in 1979, first renovated in 2004, but victim of a fire in 2011, the store turned into the largest Castorama in the world with a total area of 22,000 m2 including 17,000 m2 of sales area.

Two years of intense work

The titanic work with ephemeral installations, incessant removals and multiple reorganizations were “supported with perseverance by motivated teams and patiently borne by the customers.” On a thirty-meter gradient, the rocks were crushed for use as foundations, 144,000 m3 – or 14,000 trucks – of earth were evacuated. For construction, 10 000 m3 of concrete were poured, 850 tons of steel were used and more than 150 trees were planted to embellish the exteriors.

castorama antibes inauguration


Kingfisher’s biggest investment in the world

After two years of work- without ever closing – and 35 million euros investment – Kingfisher’s biggest investment in the world – the store is completely revitalized. Castorama Antibes now spans on two buildings – instead of five – opening on 10 000 m2 dedicated to home improvement and outside, on7,000 mm2 dedicated to the Garden and Building spaces. The car park has 700 spaces.
The product offering has expanded and boasts 56 000 references, 11 000 more than previously. 280 employees, passionate about customer satisfaction, products offered for sale and home improvement, will welcome and advise more than one million customers annually.

More than 50 inspirational spaces

A new store,a new concept! Castorama Antibes marketing teams met with many customers in the region in their homes – house or apartments – to best assess their real needs. This experience helped to create an inspirational journey in the Home Improvement building.
More than fifty developed areas, fully decorated as true living spaces, stage products and materials to facilitate the selection of DIY enthusiasts and help them achieve their development projects. In addition to trendy kitchens, or bathrooms, a connected home automation area presents the latest innovations, another is dedicated to energy renovation to conserve energy and better use of natural resources.
The organization was renewed in order to make the sales consultants more available and an architect will also help develop plans and solutions.

castorama antibes inauguration

Inaugural visit

Stylists’ gardens in real situation

The Garden universe is particularly developed in Antibes, with outdoor, pools, maintenance… To show the full extent of the offer, the landscaping offer is put into situation by colors, scripted by the store’s stylists. The outdoor garden provides ranges designed with the help of a local landscaper.
Finally, the new space “Bâti roulant” allows to enter into the materials court with one’s vehicle and load the materials directly.

Be creative at Casto Lab

A Castorama Antibes peculiarity, a Casto Lab is welcoming to creators, to share and develop their skills, test a project or gain confidence in one’s ability to Do It Yourself.
The 76 m2 area offers activities ranging from employee training, to “Castostages”, to transmit knowledge and DIY practices for customers and children. An activity “Lab” is open to those having fresh, innovative ideas and projects, with machine tools available like computer-controlled milling machine and digital laser cutting to design and achieve objects.

castorama antibes inauguration

Casto Lab’s Lucas Inacio

The brand’s first positive energy building

Castorama has built a Passive Building level store thanks to a double insulation, windows regulating hot / cold and adiabatic air conditioning that is on average reducing energy consumption by 6. The LED lighting varies according to the intensity of natural light and rainwater is stored in a tank.
To reach the level of positive energy building, 1 200 m2 of photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof. The store in Antibes will produce more energy than it consumes. The energy reduction is the equivalent of the energy supply of 270 low energy homes for one year.
Castorama has chosen to make of the Antibes store a laboratory, where are tested new construction techniques (choice of LEDs, floor design…) with a positive impact on the environment.

The inauguration of Castorama Antibes took place in presence of MP-Mayor of Antibes Jean Leonetti, Guy Colleau, CEO, Kingfisher’s Big Box format, Alain Souillard, Director of Kingfisher’s Depot Format and Marc Ténart, General Director Castorama France.

castorama antibes inauguration

Castorama Antibes team

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