chevre dor 60th birthday

Chèvre d’Or Over Time Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Mr. Thierry Naidu, CEO of Château de la Chèvre d’Or, had mobilized the entire team of the legendary five star Relais & Chateaux on July 26, 2013 to offer guests an unforgettable evening: “La Chèvre d’Or Over Time”, celebrating 60 years of the establishment with an open air art exhibition under the patronage of owner Mr. Mohamad Harajchi, an exhibition presented by Alberti Arts, FG Art and Incontri d’Arte.

On the hill of Eze, between sea and sky, rise the terraces of Château de la Chèvre d’Or, a cluster of charming ancient Provencal stone houses in the heart of the medival village of Eze, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean emerald waters, bays and rocky rugged coastline. This legendary Relais & Château counts numerous grassed terraces, corners and cubbyholes, out of which private terraces of suites, offering balconies, gazebos and solariums or pools. Splendid sculptures dot the terraces, creating a permanent open-air gallery, their admiration offering an alternative to the fascinating sea view. In 1954, Marcel Tilloy, father of Relais & Chateaux, falling in love with this peerless house, included it as one of the six stages of his “Road to Happiness”.
Guests of the 60th anniversary gala of the Chèvre d’Or spread  over the terraces, captivated by the charm of the place. Welcomed to music by an orchestra, they walked along the terraces to admire the beautiful sculptures of the exhibition “La Chèvre d’Or Over Time.” Meanwhile, they were proposed sumptuous buffets to enjoy specialties prepared by Ronan Kervarrec, chef of the Chèvre d’Or, Emile Sevaskiev, chef La Vague de Saint Paul and Akhara Chay, chef of the Mas des Herbes Blanches, all prestigious establishments belonging to the Phoenix Hotels Collection.
The highlight of the evening was the haute couture fashion show on the Solarium terrace by Cannes designer Denis Durand, famous worldwide. Beautiful models have highlighted his gorgeous creations, some evening gowns with soft and voluptuous draperies, sumptuously coloured satins, silks, laces. Denis Dirand has chosen to settle in Cannes as his works is inspired by cinema.
After Mr. Thierry Naidu’speech in front of the giant birthday cake, the evening continued late into the night with music at Café du Jardin, where guests enjoyed delicious desserts by Julien Dugourd, La Chèvre d’Or pastry chef.


The open air exhibition “La Chèvre d’Or Over Time” showcases sculptures and paintings by Yasmine Arman, Blake, Jean François Bollié, Gibelli, Nicolas Lavarenne, Landraud, Menhp, Monika Meunier, Jen Miller, Milthon, Osvaldo Moi, Mornar, Mr OneTeas, Serge Van De Put, Sevek, Sosno, Steph Cop, Sevek Zivo/Nimah, Sylvia Bertini.
The exceptional exhibition realized with the participation of Alberti Arts, FG Art and the gallery Incontri d’Arte, will last until September 1st, 2013.


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