park 45 cannes christophe poard

Christophe Poard, Iode and Terroir Emotions at Park 45

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Terrasse du Park 45

Each city in France has a Grand Hotel, but the exceptional 5-star address in the heart of La Croisette is unique with its oasis of greenery where Le Park 45, a starred table, takes the gourmets onto a journey to new gourmande flavors, imagined by Christophe Poard, an outstanding chef whose subtle daring combinations of terroir and sea, vibrating with emotion, surprise and delight.

Gastronomic restaurant of the Grand Hotel, a mythical palace of la Croisette in Cannes, born in the nineteenth century and rebuilt in the 60s, Le Park 45 opens onto beautiful gardens and lawns planted with Mediterranean or tropical species, populated with shaded relaxation areas. Its starred table harmoniously combines the glamor of La Croisette and gastronomic delights, on beautiful plates elaborated by the very talented chef Christophe Poard, who, since the reopening of the restaurant in February, offers a menu of noble products with unique flavors combining land and sea.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Chef Christophe Poard

Gorgeous view and generous plates

Between heavenly views over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, succulence, tradition and pleasures of the palate, the riches of exceptional products here find their quintessence in a sober and elegant setting. This table, proudly set in a beautiful haven of peace and greenery, conducive to relaxation, is the promise of a sumptuous gourmet trip combining culinary discoveries, taste ecstasy and gastronomic excellence. Chef Christophe Poard’s beautiful and generous dishes can be savored either in the cozy setting of a beautiful interior room, lit by a sumptuous wine cellar, or on the sunny terrace facing the gardens and shimmers of the sea.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Religion du produit

Career path among the stars

A native of Cherbourg, son of restaurateurs, Christophe Poard passed his exams as a free candidate before honing his talents in nice and prestigious houses. After the Casino de Deauville, he is chef de partie for Harald Wolfhart at the Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn in the Black Forest (three stars for 25 years). He then joined Jean-Marie Meulien‘s brigades at Clos de Longchamp** at the Hotel Méridien in Paris, those of Claude Deligne and Philippe Legendre at Taillevent*** in Paris and La Vieille Fontaine** at Maisons-Laffitte alongside François Cler.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

De beaux produits de la mer

Gault&Millau’s Cook of the Year 2004

He then is Joël Robuchon‘s second at Jamin and Guy Martin‘s at Le Grand Véfour in Paris, then becomes director of restauration and chef at the Radisson Park Lane in Antwerp.
His career then took him to Hassonville Castle in Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium), to the Carlsbad Plaza in the Czech Republic, and to the Écu de France in Chennevières-sur-Marne as a chef. In 2016, he joined La Truffière‘s kitchen in Paris as chef. Winner of numerous awards in France and Belgium, he was elected Cook of the Year 2004 by Gault&Millau.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Une table au paradis

Appealing sets of flavors and textures

His arrival in Cannes, in front of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean scintillating with the sun, inspired Christophe Poard some daring, but dosed with genius, flesh and sea alliances, masterfully proposed over seductive textures sets. Flesh and seafood sublimate each other without competing with each other. The explosions of unprecedented tastes of the creations, mixing the deep flavors of the terroirs with the iodized treasures of the sea depths, take the palate to unexplored universes, exciting the taste buds to new, out of the ordinary, culinary adventures, where, guided by the chef, the gastronome flourishes on a path of happiness of taste, flowered with gastronomic masterpieces.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Averse délicieuse

Religion of the product

The chef, who is claiming a “religion of the product”, is exalting the flavors and perfumes of what is very good to reach a sublime dimension. If some chefs use raw materials to prove their talent, Christophe Poard puts his talent at the service of the product and the excellence of tastes. The chef likes “the good products, fruit of a love story between nature and men”. According to the chef, any product cultivated with love by a passionate hand is a noble product. That is for simple products as for the most illustrious: the beet can be as valuable as a truffle, and here is it dramatically sublimed, marinated and honey-glazed with as companion, an ice cream with smoked herring. His talent is nourished by gourmet reminiscences of his Norman origins.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Christophe Poard, Hervé Busson, second & Pascal Picasse, Chef Pâtissier

Custom-made caviar

At Le Park 45, Christophe Poard offers noble products: caviars from the farm De Neuvic, melting and intense, custom-made to the chef’s taste, lobster or truffle or distinguished mushrooms like the cep or morel, pigeon and Wagyu beef. Under the guise of simplicity in the ingredients, these products are sublimated in a contemporary vision of beautiful complexities of alliances, perfect cooking and seasonings, bathed in strong or flavored juices that bring their grandiose dimensions to the plates. With – always – the poetic and romantic touch of a pansy flower over sober and elegant dressings.

Insight on Menu L’Epicurien

Christophe Poard, Hervé Busson, second & Pascal Picasse


Chocolat Macaroon with Truffle and Foie Gras: this sweet and salty amuse-bouche sounds as a prelude to a great gastronomic adventure.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Noix de St Jacques

Carpaccio of Scallops, Celery Remoulade, Mocha Juice: the iodine finesse of the St Jacques in contrast with the crunchy note of the celery, enliven with coffee!

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Tartare de boeuf

Smoked Beef Tartare, De Neuvic Caviar and open-sea Oyster, souffléd Lobster Biscuit, Redcurrant Jelly: seduced by the mermaids singing out at sea, the beef responds with its flavors from the meadows.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

La Betterave

Beetroot, marinated and glazed with Honey, smoked Herring Ice Cream and Grapefruit Syrup: explosion of sunny flavors that reminds us that the garden is our old friend. The ice cream with smoked taste is an appropriate find!

park 45 cannes christophe poard

La Langoustine

Langoustine from Brittany, Floating Island with Almonds, Jasmine Tea Broth with Seaweed: one of the most delicate products from the depths, the young lady of the sea is dressed with crunchy vegetables, bathed with an exotic broth.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Raviole de Tourteau

Crab in Ravioli, Lobster Sauce, candied Ginger: fondant ravioli with a divine taste, with a dense flesh, bathed in a creamy sauce dazzling with marine flavors.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

La Barbue

La Barbue, Emulsion of Champagne with Oysters: a delicate, very perfumed, fish cooked to perfection in an emulsion where flavor and finesse are cumulating!

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Ris de Veau et son jus

Sweetbread, Sweet Licorice Juice, Black Pudding and Pink Lady’s Compote: the full-bodied juice on the black pudding bed brings the finesse of sweetbreads to unparalleled heights of taste.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Le Pigeon et le Homard

Blue Lobster and Squab, Oyster Sauce, Green Provencal Asparagus and Fennel Cream: the chef surpasses himself in a signature dish with a delicious originality: the crispy pigeon leg overflows a melting and iodized lobster, the flavors answer each other in a symphony.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Bruccio et Caviar

Brucciu sorbet with De Neuvic caviar: almost a pre-dessert, all of sweetness and intense flavors.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Le Khéops

The Pyramid, moist Praline-chocolate Cake, pure Myanmar Ganache: a sweet and mellow note, the praline is forcefully flavoured by the petulant chocolate from Burma, the pure Myanmar, which leaves an intense taste in mouth.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Tiramisu de Citrons

Tiramisu made with Monsieur Hérisson’s Lemons, Madeleine Biscuit and Sorbet: if the belly of the hedgehog is very sweet, this fresh dessert is even more!

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Le Pamplemousse Rose

Pink Grapefruit, Chocolate Sponge, Yuzu Caviar and Sorbet: freshness and exotic chic are waiting for you with an explosion of sunny vitamins with the grapefruit and the yuzu caviar.

park 45 cannes christophe poard

Le Chef Pâtissier Pascal Picasse

Pascal Picasse as apotheosis

With his instinctive creations, his beautiful daring associations of terroir and iodine based on the product, its development and its environment, Christophe Poard undeniably offers at Le Park 45 a rare and unforgettable culinary moment in Cannes, highlighted by an omnipresent but discreet, fast and efficient service.
Chef Pâtissier Pascal Picasse‘s sweets arrive as an apotheosis to this farandole of gustatory masterpieces, like the chocolate Pyramid or the fresh Tiramisu of Lemons.
In addition to à-la-carte dishes, the Park 45 offers at lunch, from Monday to Saturday, a menu main course and dessert at € 29 or starter, main course and dessert at € 39. The flavors of Sunday (at lunch) are at 50 €
The Park 45 has an impressive wine cellar selected by Chef Sommelier Nicolas Jacquet, whose sumptuous vinotheque gives a taste in the dining room. Some food/wine pairings are offered as inspiration in the photo gallery at the end of the article.

park 45 cannes christophe poard


Le Park 45
Grand Hôtel
45 La Croisette
06400 Cannes
+ 33 (0)4 93 38 15 45

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