chevre d or le stagioni

Le Stagioni, Italy Culminates at La Chèvre d’Or

©La Chèvre d'Or
chevre d or le stagioni

Un balcon sur la Méditerranée ©La Chèvre d’Or

A new season of Italian gastronomy at Le Stagioni, fourth restaurant at the Château de La Chèvre d’Or in Eze, where two-star chef Arnaud Faye and Piedmontese chef Ugo Gastaldi perform a four-handed symphony inspired by Italian terroir.

The Château de la Chèvre d’Or, 5-star Relais & Châteaux perched on its eagle’s nest in the village of Eze, offers a spectacular panorama over the Mediterranean and the slopes of the perfumed hills of the azure terroir. This generous nature and the paradisiacal views of the Côte d’Azur and the Italian coastline on the horizon is suggesting to two-star chef Arnaud Faye and chef Ugo Gastaldi a dazzling and sunny repertoire of antipasti, primi piatti e secondi piatti, e dolce at restaurant Le Stagioni.

chevre d or le stagioni


Cascading gardens

An arrival, the Château de la Chèvre d’Or opens onto its multiple terraced gardens where jasmine, bougainvillea, rosebushes, trees and shrubs are growing profusely, peopled with a life-size bronze bestiary, lasciviously exposed to the Riviera’s sun rays. In this haven of peace, many murmuring fountains water this generous nature between rock and sea. Strolling in the greenery, breathing the suffusing freshness, letting one’s thoughts wander through the valleys of the Riviera, escaping by admiring the Italian coastline looming on the horizon, naturally take you to let the fragrance from the restaurant Le Stagioni impregnate you.

chevre d or le stagioni

Le Stagioni ©La Chèvre d’Or

La Botte in the plate

In the kitchen, the chef Arnaud Faye who let the two stars of the gastronomic table of La Chèvre d’Or shine and the chef Ugo Gastaldi were inspired by all this environment, the natural cycle of the seasons and the products from the different terroirs of the very close Botte to concoct a musical variation, and “pianoter” with four hands. With their repertoire without any note, they treat their guests to the best Italian specialties with a carte of antipasti, gnocchi, piedmontese agnolotti, spaghetti, linguine, risotto, escalope Milanese, tiramisu, panacotta … and many other delights.

chevre d or le stagioni

Ugo Gastaldi & Arnaud Faye

Upscale customers and new flavors

The collaboration between Executive Chef Arnaud Faye and Chef Ugo Gastaldi has given life to a new menu of tasty dishes made with fresh, high quality products to satisfy the taste buds of the upscale clientele who are always looking for new flavors. Together, the two chefs are telling the thousand and one wonders of Italy of terroirs, that of the innumerable small producers who participate, by elaborating their exceptional products, to this gastronomy of excellence. Reflecting the chef’s personality and Piedmontese origins, Ugo Gastaldi’s dishes are, like his native country, colorful, gourmand and generous. The artisanal products worked in his cuisine with great finesse are masterfully sublimated and feast the palate with a happiness to enjoy a refined Italian cuisine, magnified by a wine list with surprising pairings.

chevre d or le stagioni

Four-handed culinary symphony

This score, played by a duet of chefs, combines Italian cuisine both traditional and classic, subtly revisited by Arnaud Faye’s creative touch. In true passion for the bien-manger, the Italian chef Ugo Gastaldi has conceived some recipes with singing names, which make the pupils and the taste buds happy. Ugo Gastaldi composes elegant and refined dishes, based on brightly colored vegetables from the Provençal and Italian terroir and citrus fruits bathed in the Mediterranean sun, freshly caught fish, meat and poultry raised in the open air or homemade specialties.
His neat, fresh and fragrant plates stir up envy and curiosity. In the end, the result is there: at each bite, the guests relish and their senses are filled. The highlight is brought by Pastry Chef Julien Dugourd who stages his delicious sweet creations. Food and wine pairings are made by Chef Sommelier Philippe Magne.

chevre d or le stagioni

Insight of the chefs’ talents

chevre d or le stagioni

Velouté d’Asperges

Asparagus Velouté, Emulsion of Mozzarella: this first vegetable of spring deploys its slightly sweet earth flavors around the mozzarella emulsion, sweet and creamy.

chevre d or le stagioni


Marinated Yellowtail with Apple, Bitter Gely: this grilled Mediterranean fish, with tender and delicate flesh, is harmoniously enhanced by the sparkling freshness of the apple, counterbalanced by the bitterness of the Campari liqueur.

chevre d or le stagioni


Artichoke, Capers and Coffee Risotto: an emblematic dish of Italian culinary heritage prepared with a carnaroli, long and fleshy rice grain, goes perfectly with the aromas of earth and hazelnut of the artichoke. The sour and bitter taste of the caper and the intense taste of the coffee expertly enhance the sweetness of the carnaroli.

chevre d or le stagioni


Stuffed Guinea Fowl with Ham and Truffle, Red Wine with Grapes and braised Cauliflower: the fine flesh of the guinea fowl stuffed with ham, the notes of undergrowth of the truffle get the sun from the reduction of marsala wine and vitaminized grapes. Steamed cabbage, with a strong taste, rich in minerals, brings in this king’s dish all the richness of the nourishing earth.

chevre d or le stagioni


Tiramisu: this refined, gourmand and fresh dessert, the most popular in Italy (and in the rest of the world …) is signed by Julien Dugourd, the Pastry Chef of La Chèvre d’Or. On the palate, each spoon is an explosion of flavors and powerful aromas of coffee, linked to the sweetness of the cream of mascarpone, and immediately transport you to this colorful country, to navigate with pleasure on the gondolas in Venice and sing O Sole Mio!

chevre d or le stagioni

Food and wine pairings

The dishes were accompanied by a red wine from Piedmont: Domaine Mauro Molino – Cuvée Barbera D’Alba – 2016 and an organic white wine from Tuscany: Poggiosecco Aithera Toscana – Bianco 2015.

chevre d or le stagioni

Ugo Gastaldi

A Piedmontese chef in Eze

Originally from Turin, Ugo Gastaldi fell very early in the pot. For him, the kitchen is primarily a matter of memories, those related to his grandmother, a fine cordon bleu. He begins to learn about Italian culinary traditions and discovers his passion for cooking at his two parents’ restaurants in Turin. He concretizes its vocation by registering at the hotel school in Turin. Diploma in hand, he integrates the kitchens of the hotel chain Art Hotel Italia as executive chef. He will remain there for three years before flying to the United States and take the place of chef at Café Milan in Washington. In this place highly prized by politicians and show biz stars, he will delight for several years personalities like Barack Obama or Leonardo Di Caprio. After having cooked for the great people of this world, Ugo Gastaldi discovers France in the kitchen of the restaurant L’Assaggio at Hotel Castille in Paris. His meeting with Arnaud Faye, the starred chef of La Chèvre d’Or, will be decisive: he leaves the capital to play the four-handed score proposed by Arnaud at the restaurant Le Stagioni in Eze.

chevre d or le stagioni

Restaurant Le Stagioni
Château de la Chèvre d’Or – Relais & Châteaux
Rue Barri
06360 Eze
Tél: +33 (0)4 92 10 66 61

Le Stagioni, l’Italie au Sommet à la Chèvre d’Or in pictures

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