cloche dor house of brands luxembourg

La Cloche d’Or, Astonishing Shopping in Luxembourg

©Cloche d'Or
cloche dor house of brands luxembourg

©Cloche d’Or

La Cloche d’Or, a high-end shopping center of international importance in the south of Luxembourg city, will be inaugurated by the end of 2018.

On a sales area of 75,000 m2, the commercial center La Cloche d’Or will offer an astonishing and multi-faceted shopping experience in an architectural ensemble of great quality. The new district of the capital will host a real place of inspiration, a “city trip” tourist destination in an environment in which it feels good to live, be entertained and work.
Designers of the mall, the developers Immochan and Promobe/LCO1 with architects Fabeck Architects and Schemel & Wirtz, launched the development work in May 2015, and showcased the projet at MAPIC 2015.

The new must-district of the capital

Located at 3 km from Luxembourg city center, the new district of La Cloche d’Or, based on the principle of functional diversity, will bring together all the components of a city: a school – the French Lycée Vauban – a centre for emergency and training, luxury residential buildings, buildings of tertiary activities – that will host, among others, the headquarters of the companies Deloitte, PwC and Alter Domus – and a 75,000 m2 shopping center of international scope.
A landscaped park of 20 hectares, the largest in the city, will surround the site with greenery. By 2025, 45,000 people will live, work, study and do their shopping in this new district.

cloche dor house of brands luxembourg

©Cloche d’Or

A strategic location at the crossroads of four countries

The area of Cloche d’Or is at the heart of the Grande Région, a European grouping of cross-border cooperation that brings together regional divisions from Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. At the crossroads of different cultures and important European logistics flows, the exceptional geographical location of Luxembourg is a major advantage for future users of the neighborhood and especially for the future shopping center.
With a catchment area of 2.7 million inhabitants, the heart of the Greater Region greatly increases the catchment area of the Cloche d’Or, estimated at 1,7 million, to which are added the 150,000 people who cross borders every day to work in Luxembourg.

The House of Brand

The shopping center is based on a premium positioning, reflected into a strong idea: The House of Brands. The new entity will offer a visitor experience combining both the spirit of the best department stores and shopping centers, all in an atmosphere that combines dynamism and comfort, international energy and Luxembourg spirit. A total of 120 international stores will opens on the premises, an offer completed by 15 restaurant in a 3300 m2 Food Hall.
Ultimate incarnation of an international  savoir-vivre, the shopping center of Cloche d’Or is more than a shopping destination: it aims to offer a moment of privileges for each of the 10 million expected visitors.

cloche dor house of brands luxembourg

©Cloche d’Or

The most prestigious international brands

La Cloche d’Or will bring together the latest and most innovative boutiques from 120 international brands. Spread over three levels, the brands will benefit of large areas and a greater freedom of expression to offer their customers a premium experience of high standard in keeping with the spirit of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Through this shopping center, LCO1 is also keen to allow world leaders as well as local independent to settle there with all of their concepts.
The House of Brands will also offer premium services with a high-end offer dedicated to the comfort of customer like valet parking, day care and “personal shoppers” will ensure a privileged shopping time.

An always bustling tourist place

In the center of an ideal connectivity, the Cloche d’Or is crossed by two treed boulevards linking the center to the motorway system, with bus and tram lines. Bike paths and wide sidewalks will also be built to encourage soft mobility. Some 3,000 parking spaces will welcome visitors to the mall.
Art exhibitions, fashion shows and showrooms will make of it an always animated genuine tourist attraction. The shopping center will provide a great place for relaxation areas in a quality sustainable environment, open to the outside – with terraces and recreational spaces on rooftop – marked by a unique, bright and comforting atmosphere.

It is a complete stay the Cloche d’Or will offer to its customers: throughout the day, they will be able to shop, eat, be educated and relax.
The area of Cloche d’Or, whose opening is scheduled for Q4 2018, will include some 80 hectares of developed surface areas and 645,000 m2 built in 2025.

cloche dor house of brands luxembourg

©Cloche d’Or

About Immochan

Founded in 1976, Immochan, real estate subsidiary of the Auchan Group, is today one of the first European commercial real estate for shopping centers. Its expertise as a global operator on three main areas: promotion, marketing, operation/asset management, allows it to support the brands and develop the best traffic on its retail and living spaces.

About Promobe

For over 20 years, the Promobe finance group, internationally active, has been participating in the development of large residential and commercial and tertiary projects, and remains one of the leading real estate actors and promoters of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

cloche dor house of brands luxembourg

©Cloche d’Or

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