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David Lisnard Greetings Ceremony to the Cannois

On January 31, 2014, David Lisnard, First Deputy to the Mayor of Cannes and candidate for Mayor of Cannes, extended his wishes to the Cannois at the Palm Beach in front of an audience of over 3,000 people.

David Lisnard’s traditional ceremony of wishes to the inhabitants of Cannes this year took a special meaning since, as he is running for Mayor of Cannes, his wishes coincided with his project for the City.
The evening began with a presentation by Catherine Vouillon of the audience of elected officials who came to support the candidate like Eric Ciotti, MP and President of the Alpes maritimes General Council, Bernard Brochand, Mayor of Cannes and the mayors of neighboring towns like Daniel Mansanti, Mayor of Theoule sur Mer. After a film showing the achievements of 2013(new hospital in Cannes, Park Montfleury)… David Lisnard stepped on the stage in thunderous applause for a one hour and a half speech without notes.
He thanked the volunteers and the crowd came to support him and began with a tribute to Bernard Brochand, the outgoing mayor and architect of the “Intercommunalité des pays de Lérins”. He then extended his wishes of health to the people: “The health of an individual is like peace in a nation!” His wishes were also on conviviality, friendliness, sharing, kindness, love and friendship.

Cannes, a global Provencal village

He then referred to Cannes as “global village”: “Cannes, historical town, Cannes is unique, it is a magical mosaic because all nationalities coexist and get along well. A loveer of his city – “Forville Market was built by my ancestor”, David Lisnard wants to protect Provencal traditions: “Being true to our roots and enhance their attractiveness”, “From next summer, we will reinstate the jousts in the port of Cannes to “remain faithful to be elders” and during the next term, we will realize the Museum of Arts and Traditions Cannoises in Cannes. “We will renovate the Les Allées with the Kiosque à Musique, it will be a Provencal square.” He also wants to create a museum of arts rue Victor Tuby.

Cannes hope for young generation

Cannes is hope as well, because we must also consider the future generations and David Lisnard cited Balzac: “Hope is a memory that desire.”
His wish is to make of Cannes a university town, with a campus of 1,000 students with training in tourism, digital technologies, nautical activities, with a student residence and parking. The university will be connected to the BHNS for a greater service.
For young people, he wants to improve the leisure and culture (he has already initiated the Electronic Beaches and Break the Floor), and implement a youth card for free bus for one year and a device to help pass the driving license for youth through financial assistance from the municipality supplemented with community service in exchange.

Sound finances for the future

But… “No future without sound finances. All proposals that I make are fundable. Deleveraging, more services for Cannes, lower municipal taxes are my projects!”
David Lisnard’s wish is tax protection for all the Cannois: all achievements were made without affecting taxes of the municipality. Debt of the municipality 10 years ago: 270 million. If I am elected, my goal is to reach 200 million, while continuing to invest in Cannes and put in place a Mister “anti- gaspi”.
His idea is to beautify the Croisette: “When the Croisette goes well, it brings wealth to the city. La Croisette is the showcase of Cannes.” Conventions are a financial windfall for Cannes: “10 years ago: 15 million of debt; today the Palais pays the Fireworks Festival (David Lisnard is the President of the SEMEC, which manages the Palais des Festivals.)

Vitality for all ages

Cannes should also embody vitality for all ages: “I want Cannes to be a model city for seniors who will keep social ties at home. We will engage action in favor of home care for our seniors. And we will extend the free bus to  non-taxable 65+ years.”

At the beginning of his speech, David Lisnard said: “Happiness is having projects.”Thus, Cannes makes him happy, brimming with projects to create attractiveness in Cannes like a carnival at the Bocca and “Boccacabana” outdoor recreation outfits in the image of Copacabana, a festival hall, a center of Art at La Malmaison, a neighborhood of artists in the Suquet…

Seduced by all these wishes that are all so many projects for the City of Cannes, many people left the palm Beach wearing blue bracelets, as a rallying sign behind David Lisnard.


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