bistronomie cannes mandelieu airport

Destination Bistronomie at Cannes Mandelieu Airport

bistronomie cannes mandelieu airport

The restaurant with stunning vies ©DR

Dedicated to the business aviation, the Cannes Mandelieu airport offers its guests to discover new gastronomic horizons with the restaurant Airport and its original Bistronomie concept.

Bistronomie, a culinary formula combining gastronomy and bistro, is Stéphane Eisop‘s philosophy, a chef with a the prestigious career in the world of gastronomy (L’Oasis, Le Mas Candille, the Martinez Hotel…). He landed at Cannes Mandelieu Airport which is now enriched with a new address for gourmets: the Airport restaurant.

Stylish decoration and cuisine

With its new concept, the restaurant Airport seats up to 70 guests in its vintage decor and furniture that recalls the old aircraft cabins. Airport opens on the outside and offers its guests a breathtaking view of the track without losing its intimate character. EGP Gourmet and the talented chef Stéphane Eisop revisited the place and the menu in order to offer the passengers, VIPs, businessmen or passage customers, a quality cuisine both fresh and authentic, always tasteful, focusing on homemade seasonal dishes and fresh daily products. What the guests need to take off for a culinary journey that combines land-sea harmonies, salty-sweet and flavors of the world.

bistronomie cannes mandelieu airport

Stéphane Eisop

A must for gourmets

Stéphane Eisop’s menu offers five entrances, five main courses and five desserts besides the day’s specials. These dishes will be renewed each season. On the menu you will find as entrée a Salmon Steak Marinated as Gravlax, refreshed with a Lime Sorbet and Candied Ginger. Then you can opt for Breaded Chicken with Puffed Rice, Bourbon-flavored Sweet Potatoes and jus with Péquillos.
This new gastronomic table at Cannes Mandelieu Airport is open to all and aims to become a must for the gourmets in the Cannes landscape with its stunning views on the outside and the planes and a free and easy parking on the airport. In addition, the BHNS buses are a few steps away.

Takeaway Bistronomie as well

In line with the Bistronomie concept, for those in a hurry, Stéphane Eisop has also developed a formula to take away or eat on the go with at the menu, Tomatoes with Mozzarella di Bufala, Caesar salad, Pasta “à la Carbonara” prepared using a traditional recipe or Club Sandwiches…

bistronomie cannes mandelieu airport


A la carte events

The company EGP Gourmet, the company associated with Stéphane Eisop, also has plans to organize seminars, private parties, with the privatization of the restaurant and the adjoining meeting room. Icing on the cake: EGP Gourmet, French Riviera leader in supplying luxury ships, will soon opens a delicatessen shop just outside the restaurant.

About Cannes Mandelieu Airport

The Cannes Mandelieu Airport is a platform dedicated to the business aviation and private planes. Second business aviation airport in France after Le Bourget, the Cannes Mandelieu Airport deals with over 70,000 annual movements, including 11,000 business flights and 9,000 helicopter flights.

Restaurant Airport
Open daily from 8 am
Reservation at 33 (0)4 93 90 40 37
Free Parking at Cannes Mandelieu Airport

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