Festival de Cannes 2013

Festival de Cannes 2013 Humour on Fifth Day Competition

The Festival de Cannes 2013 competition went on with two films marked by humour: caustic humour with the Brothers Cohen’s film “Inside Llewyn Davis” and black humour with “Borgman” by Alex van Warmerdan, who premieres in Cannes.


Festival de Cannes 2013 competition

Inside Llewyn Davis (via Festival de Cannes)

“Inside Llewyn Davis” by Ethan & Joel Cohen”

Inside Llewyn Davis” is the story of the life of a young folk singer in the musical world of Greenwich Village in 1961, during a severe winter weather in New York. The bohemian life after the Cohen brothers, seen through their caustic humor.

The young man only pushes aside his guitar when earning a living with odd jobs while struggling to break through as a musician. In a crucial week, he faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, starting with those he created himself. Fortunately, friends bring him help. From the Village cafes to a desert club in Chicago, his misadventures lead him to an audition for the music giant Bud Grossman. The Cohen brothers describe a Greenwich Village where, at the time, for a musician the idea was not to become rich and famous but just to play this popular folk music, born from the working class. Greenwich Village was the melting pot of protest movements which then will give birth to the Beat Generation.
“Inside Llewyn Davis” is starring Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan for the USA. Among other pretigious prizes, the Cohen brothers won the Palme d’or at Festival de Cannes 1991 with “Barton Fink”.


“Borgman” by Alex van Warmerdan

Borgman, a homeless man, enters a house on a banal excuse and manages to embed itself in the couple and children. Finally, he gradually seriously disrupts the family life and drive its members crazy by his talents in talking a good game and manipulating one against the other. Who is it? A dream or a demon?


I wanted to dive into an unknown and obscure part of my imagination to see what I find,” Alex van Warmerdan said to explain the dark side of the film. In “Borgman,” the director wanted to show how evil creeps into daily life, how it can be embodied in normal men and women and how it can occur in warm and optimistic atmosphere. His latest feature film “The Last Days of Emma Blank” was rewarded with a Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) in 2009.
The thriller from the Netherlands “Borgman” with Belgian actor Jan Bijvoet, is making its world premiere in Cannes.


Inside Llewyn Davis Red Carpet

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