fete du miel mouans sartoux 2016

Fête du Miel de Mouans-Sartoux, Flavours and Knowledge

fete du miel mouans sartoux 2016

Ruche géante

La Fête du Miel de Mouans-Sartoux celebrated our winged friends who have always offered their treasures of goodness and goumandise: honey, pollen, wax, royal jelly and propolis.

La Fête du Miel de Mouans-Sartoux (Honey Festival) and the Apiculteurs de Provence unveiled to old and yound gourmands on April 24, 2016, the treasures that bees elaborate within their hives after plundering the unique flora of Provence and the Alpine mountains, free of pollution.
Tastings and demonstrations, fun activities, culinary workshops, honey extraction … many activities shared passionately by beekeepers from Provence. For this festival to enlihten all the taste of honey, a delicious gourmet all honeys menu was served in the park of the Castle.

fete du miel mouans sartoux 2016

Jean Louis Lautard, Président Apiculteurs de Provence & Pierre Aschieri, Maire de Mouan-Sartoux

Gourmands of flavors and knowledge

As every year, the Fête du Miel de Mouans-Sartoux regaled 8,000 fans of sweet flavors in the center of the village. The visitors could discover the exceptional honeys from forty producers in Provence offering the thousand and one flavors of honey in the region: lavender, pine and flowers of the scrub, hawthorn or lime from the highlands, arbutus from wild maquis. So many treasures with gustative and nutritional properties, therapeutic for the wellbeing of body and soul. A garden of plants containing nectar in the castle park gave the opportunity for everyone to learn about the plants that contribute to the flavor of honey.
Exhibitions, conferences, information stands, honey and derivatives selling, fun activities for children and adults, acrobats, honey tasting and cooking and cosmetic honey workshops satisfied the gourmands of flavors and knowledge, feasting pupils and buds at the largest honey festival in France.

fete du miel mouans sartoux 2016

Vente de miels

Discover the work of bees

The dense crowd around the stands, displayed hives and animations, reflected the attachment and affection for these tireless workers buzzing with us in nature since the creation of the world.
Before assessing the extent of aromatic honey from Provence, the visitors could, with a giant hive, find out how the bees work to offer us their royal jelly, pollen, wax and honey. For the Fête du Miel de Mouans-Sartoux is also an opportunity for professional beekeepers to raise awareness about a sure fact: without bees and pollination, nothing would exist and mankind would be in high danger… The pesticides, human negligence and the gradual invasion of Asian hornets – these fearsome predators – threaten the hives and are reducing their colonies.
Efforts are still to be made in the direction of sustainability to help our winged friends, so precious to feed the chain of life.

fete du miel mouans sartoux 2016

Chef Christophe Ferré

A subtle sweet-and-sour cuisine

Christophe Ferré, chef of L’Antidote in Cannes has proved that honey, exhaling the flavours of our Provence terroirs, have a prominent place on our plates and in gastronomy. By combining their sweet explosion of floral scents with the flavors of local products, honey enhances the taste by sublimating them.
Foie Gras with Honey from Garrigue and Mango chutney
Granny Smith jelly, Guacamole, Tourteaux flesh with Pine Honey, salad Mash.
Milk Pig variation, Chestnut Honey and Gnocchi
Mousse of Lavender Honey, Breton shortbread.

fete du miel mouans sartoux 2016
The dishes were accompanied by “organic” red and rosé wines from the Domaine du Jas d’Esclans in La Motte in the Var and white from Château Vaucouleurs in Puget sur Argens.

In the afternoon, Christophe Ferré and Franck Cicognola, chef of Mon P’tit Resto in Mouan-Sartoux, made cooking demonstrations based on honeys.


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