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Fete du Mimosa in the Country of Riviera

Fete du Mimosa 2013

This year, the Fete du Mimosa in Mandelieu La Napoule invites the public from February 14 to February 23, 2014 to travel through the Country of Riviera.

The Mediterranean will celebrate the flower of the sun by offering a colorful flowered picture of the most beautiful cities of the French Riviera.
The celebration is a family, folk and colorful festival. Floral floats, nightly parades and traditional entertainment like the election of the Queen of Mimosa are the most awaited moments.
Other festivities are offered for children and adults through original tours such as the “Ride in the Country of Mimosa”, or by bus, that of the “From Mimosa to Fragrance.” And what about simply walking through the mimosa flowers, and benefit from this special moment under the blue sky of the Mediterranean winter ?

Officially celebrated for the first time in 1931, the Fete du Mimosa has always known a great success. The latest edition of the Fete du Mimosa welcomed more than 60,000 visitors on all the sites and attractions of the event.

Around 1880, the mimosa, originating from Australia, appeared on the slopes of the Croix des Gardes in Cannes, probably introduced by one of the major winter guests such as the Duke of Vallombrosa, the Marquis de Morès or Lord Brougham.
The Horticultural Society then contributes greatly to its promotion. A trade will be established, that of mimosiste and soon, entire wagons of mimosa are leaving daily the station La Napoule towards France and abroad.
Having participated in the development of the local economy, the mimosa is celebrated every year by the people of Mandelieu. The 9 tonnes of mimosa used each year to flower the floats and for the flower parades (batailles de fleurs) come from the Massif du Tanneron overlooking the city.


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