galerie Vendome nice mathias

Galerie Vendôme: Joie de Vivre with Mathias

galerie Vendome nice mathias

Mathias à la Galerei Vendôme

The new Galerie Vendôme of contemporary art, exhibiting La Joie de Vivre by artist Mathias, gives a facelift to the antiques district in Nice.

The Galerie Vendôme just opened its doors in Nice. Located not far from the harbor and the old town, in the heart of the antique district and very trendy “little Nice Marais “, the gallery aims to provide visitors with a permanent, interactive and exciting art show. This summer, the artist Mathias will exhibit his joy of living through an exhibition of figurative works. The painter invites us to discover his version of the life he sketches with happiness over the course of his encounters and travels.

galerie vendome nice mathias


Mathias, painter of the ordinary

Born in Nice, Mathias is  a passionate traveler. After traveling the world, the artist offers us in this superb exhibition his paintings and drawings of a multitude of characters interwoven with each other, moving in a world that is or has been part of the artist’ universe and life.
Sketched in gouache, watercolor or acrylic, and enhanced with grease pencil in a colorful original, refined and elegant style, Mathias’ works invite us to travel into his world from childhood until in the autumn of life. A universe that reflects his course as a traveler, a lover of typical locations, regions or countries and that always includes situations and places dear to his heart.
Whatever the subject, the time entered or selected slices of life, the scenes exposed at Galerie Vendôme evoke a life course or friendship, travel, vacation, beach, entertainment, parties, cafes, art, happiness, joy.

galerie vendome nice mathias

Works populated with icons

Beyond his seemingly ordinary characters, the artist also refers in his work to the great names of visual arts, photography and fashion such as David Bowie, Helmut Newton, Yves Saint Laurent, E. Green and Baryshnikov among others. In some of these works, these daily icons appear and sometimes repeat themselves as characters in scenes that flirt with cartoons.

galerie vendome nice mathias

Mathias exhibition
Joie de Vivre
From August 11 to September 14, 2016
Galerie Vendôme
16 rue Emmanuel Philibert
Quartier des Antiquaires – Port of Nice
Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 04 50 32

galerie vendome nice barnabe

Barnabé at Nice Art Gallery

Adjoining the Galerie Vendôme, the Nice Art Gallery, in partnership with EDR architectural, presents the ephemeral exhibition of young and talented Nice artist Barnabé.

Barnabé’s ghosts

Barnabé, whose real name is Pierre-Emmanuel, is 22 years old. Expert in Street Art, the artist who boasts a casual style, came to fame by creating a logo that quickly became a cartoon character. His paw and his signature is a funny little ghost that you can found throughout his works.

At the Nice Art Gallery, the artist shows us, through 24 monographic canvases with acid colors like apple green, yellow or turquoise blue, his playful, magical, merry universe like  the hilarious Pink Panther alongside a radiant schtroumf.

galerie vendome nice mathias

Nice Art Gallery
In partnership with EDR architectural
16 rue Emmanuelle Philibert
Quartier des Antiquaires – Port de Nice
Tel : +33 (0)4 93 31 21 46

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