chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Gastronomy Is Queen at Château Cagnard

©Château Cagnard
chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer


Château Cagnard, a 4-star hotel, member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World,  in Cagnes-sur-Mer, is an invitation to a historic, gastronomic and sensory journey guided by the talented chef David Beauvais whose regional cuisine with exotic accents is seducing pupils and taste buds.

Château Cagnard is a 13th century building perched on the heights of Cagnes-sur-Mer. Built on the ramparts of the medieval village of Haut de Cagnes, the Château, surrounded by Provencal landscapes offers a balcony on the Mediterranean. The lush vegetation of the medieval village, the purple clematis hanging from the old ocher stones, the breathtaking landscapes, have greatly nourished the inspiration of the greatest painters such as Renoir, Picasso, Soutine, Fujita, lovers of the region. These artists in search of light effects, realistic, impressionistic, romantic or even fauvist, used the multicolored palette resplendent in their eyes to paint their most beautiful works. Chef David Beauvais at the gastronomic restaurant Le Cagnard immerses himself in this artistic atmosphere to set the tone for his dishes.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Suite Renoir ©Château Cagnard

Chivalrous heritage

Proudly standing its old stones on the hillside, the Château Cagnard, a member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World network, offers 28 rooms, all bearing the name of a painter and housing the reproduction of the artist’s work.
The restaurant Le Cagnard has been awarded 2 forks and 1 plate in the Michelin Guide for its delicious homemade cooking. The terrace of the restaurant, looking like a boat’s bow, offers a panoramic view over the roofs of the village and valleys below. Inside, this superb medieval castle preserves preciously its chivalrous inheritance and cultivates the splendors of yesteryear, around an imposing chimney of time. The lobby (former guard room) with its frescoes of elephants dating from the roaring twenties (Émile Wery‘s work), the whitewashed woodwork, the old leafy floor, the ceiling of the restaurant made up of two hundred medieval painted panels is transporting the visitor into the historical atmosphere of the place. The authenticity of the furniture, the beautiful ceramic plates signed Paul Beuscher, placed delicately on beautiful tablecloths in beige fabric and the temporary exhibitions of local artists adorning the walls are weaving an atmosphere conducive to an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer


Letters of nobility and high quality gastronomy

In fine weather, the restaurant room of Château Cagnard opens to the azure blue sky or the stars at night, thanks to its sliding roof. On the terrace, the majesty of the panorama gives the guests the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful postcard of the French Riviera, while sipping cocktails prepared by Maître d’Hôtel Samy Bougdim or to feast on delicious dishes by Chef David Beauvais. With its top-of-the-range gastronomy based on noble and seasonal products, its wines of prestige, Château Cagnard gains its letters of nobility and can be tasted both with the eyes and the palate. The meal becomes a feast of a beautiful delicacy, and the tradition is renewed.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Chef David Beauvais, Second Carlucci Francesco &
Claudia Francklin, Commis Pâtissière

Dinner in a mysterious and medieval atmosphere

Château Cagnard cultivates the art of good reception and conviviality. This superb establishment run by Grégory Cousaert (Saint Joseph hotel, Deputy Beach Manager of the Hotel Martinez, Mercure de Cavaillon…), assisted by a warm and attentive team, welcomes his customers as long-time guests. In a mysterious medieval castle atmosphere, the guests will be able to discover the subtle regional cuisine elaborated by chef David Beauvais, a former prince of the stoves at Michelin-starred chef Jean Francois Berard, who reveals his talents and know-how at Le Cagnard restaurant. In the kitchen, Chef David Beauvais who has made his debuts among the greatest, makes his pots and pans sing to the sound of the Provençal terroir. Assisted by Franscesco Carlucci, his faithful second, he is developing an inventive cuisine and original creations in which, often, a touch of exotic genius, inspired by his travels in Asia, harmoniously sublimates traditional recipes.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Tribute to the Mediterranean and flavors from elsewhere

Before dropping his suitcases at Château Cagnard, chef David Beauvais has taken care to fill them with thousands of enchanted flavors, brought from all over the world. The chef nurtured his talents between France, Thailand, Indonesia, Micronesia, Malaysia and Japan and brought back the best of his long-distance trips. For his gastronomic stopover at Château Cagnard, the passionate chef is inspired by the rigor of his mentors to exercise his creativity and adorn his table of a thousand delights.
His cuisine is a tribute to the Mediterranean but also to the Loire Atlantique where he learned to work with fish and shellfish. His refined dishes, accented with spices and aromas from elsewhere such as turmeric or coconut, invite the taste buds to an extraordinary taste journey. His perfect cooking, gorging the rightly seasoned meats and fish of rich juices and his associations of flavors are an ode to “bien-manger”. The beautifully composed and colorful plates are playful and always sprinkled with touches of spices he likes, as well as with the romantic touch of a flower.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer


Fresh quality produce and vintage wines

As seasons go by, chef David Beauvais makes it a point of honor to work on quality fresh produce. Thus, the fruits and vegetables come from the MIN in Nice, and from Babé or the market of Cagnes sur Mer to be at the top of the season products, like the asparagus of the nearby woods, and the fish from Top Med.
The short “carte” is renewed every season or according to the inspiration of the chef. Le Cagnard offers two menu with starter, main course, dessert: a Market Menu at 72 euros and a Tasting Menu at 85 euros, also including three courses and a pre dessert. For à la carte dishes, count between 26, 39 and 46 euros. For the food and wine pairings, Château Cagnard is seducing the most demanding palates with a rich and eclectic wine list with a special thought for women. The Grands Crus wines from Burgundy side with prestigious wines from the Bordeaux region, vintage Sancerres or a little more confidential Provençal terroir labels like wines from Bellet, Saint Jeannet or Clos Saint Joseph.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Tasting Menu

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer


chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Seared Foie Gras, Creamy Lemon, Ziste Puree and Brussels Sprout Leaves. Suggestion of wine: Sauternes blanc – Château Suduiraut, 2010 – Premier Cru Classé de Sauternes en 1855

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Flash-seared Langoustine tail, Grapefruit Caviar, Pesto of Herbes and Pistachio, White Asparagus from Provence. Suggestion: Bourgogne rouge – Puligny-Montrachet Champgain – Blanc 1er cru – Champ Gain 2013 – Olivier Leflaive

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Mulard Duck Fillet in Miso Crust, Cannelloni of Thigh and Foie Gras. Suggestion: Bordeaux rouge – Cote Château Chasse-Spleen – Moulis-en-Médoc – Millesime 2010

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Pre-Dessert: Apple Mousse, Banana Siphon, White Chocolate, Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts, Cacao Crumble

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Creameux Yuzu and Avocado, Ivory Chocolate and Coconut, Swiss Meringue. Suggestion: Cuvée Saint Jeannet Tardif du Vignoble Rasse

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Childhood memories and family meals

As a child, David Beauvais spent a lot of time in his father’s kitchen garden in Picardy, but also in the kitchen of his mother and grandmother. Childhood memories and family meals are undoubtedly at the origin of his vocation. A cooking CAP in the pocket, he leaves his homeland, travels the globe and the beautiful houses in Cornwall, Luxembourg, at Gérard Matés, and works with Michelin-starred chefs. He remained ten years at La Réunion, where he immersed himself in the cultural influences of the Indian Ocean. In 1992, he returned to Monte Carlo where he spent 10 years in the most beautiful palaces of Monaco. The Méridien Beach Plazza, the Hôtel Ermitage, Le Métropole Palace, the SBM, the Louis XV with Alain Ducasse, Jean Claude Brugel and finally the Var at René Berard‘s Hostellerie Berard at La Cadière d’Azur.

chateau cagnard cagnes sur mer

Château Cagnard
Restaurant Le Cagnard
54, rue Sous Barri
06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer
Tél: +33 (0)4 93 20 73 22

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