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HTM Production Instant Photo

At Heavent Meetings, HTM Production presented its ludic concept of “instant photo”, an event in the event offering a friendly and playful animation.

HTM Production is an agency of event photographers meeting a demand going beyond the artistic, to best express the mood, the atmosphere of a fair, a seminar, a conference, a special event evening or launching of new product. The portraits of the guests as well as all the key moments of the event will be photographed giving a photo report reflecting the event.
The concept consists of instant photo prints whatever the animation; the picture is thus printed on site. This attraction is an event in your event and guests or partners leave with a ludic souvenir photo.

Live-printed exuberant pictures

The Photocall is a fun and festive entertainment: guests are photographed before a background made in advance with the possibility of costumes, accessories, and the photo is then printed live during the event.
Photo inset: with a photomontage, guests are smiling at a magazine front page or are staring on a movie poster or walking the Red Carpet in Cannes. Another animation: the guests, under a bridge with a camera, give their imagination free rein.
The immediate Badge Photo is the ideal and fun communication support for your guests or staff. Their photo, taken at the event, is immediately transformed into a badge, with the possibility of adding a message, a date, a logo. This can be done for hundreds of guests who leave immediately with their gadget.
The Flip-book is a small book that gives the illusion of movement when quickly thumbed through. On the location of your event, your guests turn a video clip. Then, in less than a minute, the images are printed and cut to form a flip-book whose cover is customizable.

Upscale entertainment

The portrait “light of cinema” to dream the time of a snapshot to be the star: each guest is photographed in a mobile ephemeral photo studio and receives an immediate print of a “light of cinema” portrait.

HTM is Production specializes in turnkey human logo. Boost your teams, unite people around a project, a commitment, or gather all employees for the anniversary of the company, all that can be realized or celebrated with human logo.
 The result of human logo is a large-scale unique image whose steps may give a nice Flip Book

Human logo HTM Production

Human logo by HTM Production

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