INCC Launches Monaco Parfums

monaco parfums incc 2015

Rémy Deslandes

At TFWA – WE 2015, INCC launched the first Monaco Parfums, very exclusive fragrances for men and women, opening onto a mythical cultural and prestige heritage.

During TFWA-WE 2015, at a sparkling event at Hotel Majestic, Rémy Deslandes, President, INCC Group, unveiled Monaco Parfums, the first perfume with the name of the Principality, released under license of  S.A.M Marques de l’État de Monaco – Monaco Brands. Mercedes-Benz Man, premium iteration of the men’s fragrances, which sold 70 million copies in retail, was also presented for male travelers worldwide.

monaco parfums incc 2015

Mercedes-Benz Man ©INCC

Contemporary seduction, timeless refinement

Mercedes-Benz Man illustrates the values of a legendary brand: the legend Mercedes-Benz, reflected into a bottle. The fragrance is for a man actor of his life, in his intimacy as in his professional life. He is in action and captures the interest but without being a charmer. Mercedes-Benz Man is dedicated to all those who is keeping the Star in sight as a stimulating presence.
Olivier Cresp, the perfumer behind the previous success of the brand, offers a both timeless and refined version of Mercedes-Benz perfumes.
On subtle touches of fruity pear and ambrette, succeeds a fresh heart of cedar and geranium, symbol of masculine elegance. The rosewood and oak moss leave an intense woody lasting impression.

monaco parfums incc 2015


A bold and innovative bottle

The bottle, both sober and refined, bold and innovative, luxurious and discreet, is resolutely masculine. It is a feat of glass and metal, dressed in matte black with “soft touch”, its chrome edges stand out against an intense blue background. A sleek silhouette, with perfectly shapedshoulders, with, at its center, as a promise kept, the iconic star, set in a massive glass porthole. The case, marked with the silver embossed Star, repeats the graphic codes of the bottle it protects.

monaco parfums incc 2015


Monaco Parfums: “More than a legend”

Monaco Parfums launches its first major female perfume that fits in the legend of the pearl of the French Riviera. “A journey between the horizon and the light, embodying the unique myth of Monaco, with particular desire to incarnate a certain art of living.”
The Rock of Monaco, princely evenings, mythical splendor, history and heritage of Monaco associate for the first time in a bottle of perfume, a fragrance for an absolute luxury reminiscing of magical moments on the French Riviera.

Languorous sensuality of the Mediterranean

The women Monaco Parfums intends to be distinguished with her innate chic that is to be cultivated but that can’t be made up. Her elegance, charm and allure make her iconic and luminous, sensual and spontaneous.
The Monaco female perfume exhales the lazy sensuality of the Mediterranean coasts and the glamor of a Principality that animates from the first light of dawn to the last fires of the night. It is the expression of an art of living combining hectic pace and dolce vita, savoir-vivre and festive mood, luxury and spontaneity.

monaco parfums incc 2015


Elegant Neroli and precious wood

To create women’s Monaco Parfums, Calice Becker was inspired by how Rembrandt had used the colors, masterfully juxtaposing lights and shadows: “In each of my compositions, I like to add an intriguing olfactory touch. Nothing holds more attention than that unexpected je-ne-sais-quoi.”
At the top note, the solar luminosity of mimosa – emblem of the Mediterranean – is supported by the freshness of bergamot and petitgrain, and enhanced by a  burst of velvety white rose petals.
Then come the tenderness of neroli and the colorful gaiety of a deliciously fruity accord of raspberry and peach.
Deeper, the raspberry nectar is enriched with the creaminess of sandalwood and inimitable sensuality of patchouli, while the delicately powdered mimosa notes and heliotrope sunny notes are echoing in a chic and stylish lasting impression.

monaco parfums incc 2015

The range ©INCC

Embodying the values of the Principality

The design of the bottle embodies the values of the Principality: its roundness evokes the curves and sensuality of the female jet set. The golden jus is reminiscent of the Champagne shining in the Monaco sun, sparkling in crystal glasses.
The crown engraved on the back of the bottle calls into memory the Palatine inheritance and exclusive myth of Monaco. The gold and chiselled cap evokes the presence in the Principality of the biggest jewelers in the world.
The case, a precious box in the Monegasque colors, is embossed with lozenges signing the famous city, like the bottle that bears the princely emblems.

monaco parfums incc 2015


Monaco Parfums for Men

Master of his destiny, the man Monaco likes what is beautiful and rare. Although nurtured in tradition, he is curious of novelty, and searches thrill and emotion.
Offering the emblem of what the legendary Principality boasts of most fascinating, the creator Antoine Maisondieu combined to begin harmonious stone pine tones with a light sea breeze of Mediterranean scents of bergamot and lemon, which create a bright first impression.
Then, in the shade of green foliage, magnolia blossoms, occupies the heart, highlighted by intense pepper berry, so spicy and flamboyant.
The base notes of sophisticated and vibrant Ambrox and vetiver are resonating with fine leather, a legend in men’s perfumes, to create a sophisticated and distinctive finish.

monaco parfums incc 2015


A refined bottle with masculine design

The shape of the bottle is inspired by the generous build of an athlete. The crown creates the vital link with the design of the feminine and reminds the inheritance and the myth of Monaco. The golden color is inspired by the favorite drink of the Monegasque nights: Champagne. The golden cap evokes the world of the casino: it represents a stack of chips, like those seen on gaming tables. The case proudly bears the Monegasque emblems: gold tooled crown and frieze of lozenges, with the stylish and recognizable red and white logo.

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