art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

New 2015 Art & Fragrance Perfumes

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

Pièce Unique by Grès Parfums Paris

At TFWA WE-2015, Art & Fragrance has launched Encre Noire à l’Extrême and Or Intemporel 1888 by the prestigious Maison Lalique and Pièce Unique by Parfums Grès Paris.

The creations of the great perfume house Lalique are between the collection of art objects and perfumes. Since 1992,  date of creation of Lalique Parfums, the company created fragrances and limited edition collection of numbered crystal bottles. Its name is linked to creativity and quality.
Art & Fragrance unveiled the latest fragrances during a cocktail dînatoire in the stylish salons of the Hotel Carlton.

Encounter between glass and perfume

René Lalique, glass artist and exceptional master of transparency, became famous in the world of perfumery since 1900, after his meeting with the perfumer François Coty. The two creators revolutionized the world of perfume by designing original bottles. The perfumer François Coty considered that each of his creations deserves a unique bottle and Lalique discovered a way to produce luxury bottles in large quantities. Thus was born the modern perfumery.
Since 1900, some fragrances remained famous: 1900: Fleur Universelle, 1905: Terres Aromatiques, 1935: Rose Royale, 1945: Sculpteur d’Epices, 1977: Fruits du Mouvement, 1989: Élégance Animale

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

Encre Noire à l’Extrême by Lalique Parfums © Art & Fragrance

Encre Noire à l’Extrême, the original at its limits

With Encre Noire, Lalique reinvented in 2006 the most masculine of olfactory notes: the vetiver with both bright and dark, smoked and sleek facets. Ever since a classic, Encre Noire celebrates ten years and its author, Nathalie Lorson, opens a new chapter in the saga with Encre Noire à l’Extrême, around a heart composed of two outstanding varieties of vetiver, one from Haiti, the other from Java.
To better highlight the complex facets of these species, a sparkling bergamot associates in the top note to the wooded aromatic freshness of cypress and the roundness of élémi. The heart of Encre Noire à l’Extrême is enriched with precious and elegant iris and the incense, both spiritual and sensual, gives its his nightly depth and power of evocation. A voluptuous base of sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin from Siam extends this wooded intensity for a unique sensual lasting impression.

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

© Art & Fragrance

A bottle between light and shadow

On the occasion of this new creation, the bottle of Encre Noire, inspired by the inkwell Biche, created by René Lalique in 1913, is reinvented in contemporary and minimalist version. As an invitation to live a unique olfactory experience, the iconic glass cube strips off, revealing a fragrance with a rich cognac color. Half black and half transparent, this new bottle is crowned with a black wood cover. The luxurious case is also a reflection of the fragrance contrast between light and shadow. In a smooth matte black, it is surrounded by a hot-printed bandeau, in a bright coppery bronze shade.

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

Or Intemporel and Collection © Art & Fragrance

Or Intemporel 1888, fascination of humanity

The Noir Premier collection pays tribute to major milestones in the history of contemporary fragrances with timeless beauty, whose names are inspired by a heritage marked by the audacity of Lalique’ visionary spirit.
As an homage to the day in 1888 when René Lalique registered his maker’s mark with his initials and the symbol of a sword, to mark the gold creations from his workshop, the Maison Lalique offers its olfactory interpretation of this precious metal with Or Intemporel 1888.
Tobacco and coffee combine in – deliciously addictive – main notes, to evoke both the opulence of gold and its ever-lasting fascination which it exerts on humanity. This intense and rare accord is textured with a chaud-froid of spices, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, that express the contrast between the sunny color of gold and the coldness of the metal. Vanilla and tolu balm, backed by a hint of patchouli, soften the dark palette of rich warm shades.

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

A bottle adorned with light

A unique combination of abstract and figurative, the bottle housing these fragrances is inspired by two iconic creations of René Lalique. His very first black perfume bottle, the model Four Eagles, drawn in 1911, gives the Noir Premier collection the elegant drawing its front. The wings motif adorning its finely carved notches is inspired by the Cyclamen model, created in 1909 for François Coty.
To better highlight the exceptional status of this fragrance, the bottle Noir Premier is dressed with light to contain Or Intemporel 1888. A gold with particular refinement, with amazing semi translucent finish. A black silk print adorning the front of the bottle bears the name of the fragrance, hot printed in gold.

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

© Art & Fragrance

Pièce Unique, Grès couture into a fragrance

Pièce Unique translates into perfume the art of Grès couture, the quest for the ultimate dress, perfect, worthy of an ancient yet contemporary goddess. The epitome of high fashion becomes a work of art. A Piece Unique.
The enveloping and sensual fragrance, offers top notes of pink pepper that makes a tanguy mandarin sparkle while angelica, a suave vegetal musk with amazing wooden and peppery pulsation, is enhanced by black pepper. A heady bouquet of jasmine in the heart softens a fruity accord of plum and davana essence, rich as a precious liquor. Suffused with a vaporous trail of white musk, a suede note faceted with incense and patchouli, this sumptuous fabric of scents offers a majestic tombé.

art et fragrance perfumes tfwa 2015

© Art & Fragrance

An innovative and timeless couture bottle

The design, both classic and modern, innovative and timeless of the bottle gives this Pièce Unique a setting worthy of its “couture” inspiration. The curved shape of the bottle, underlined in red thread, reflects that, fluid and seamless, of Madame Grès‘ ideal dress, while its sides recall the countless folds signing her creations.
Similarly, the non-removable cap echoes her way to wind up the fabric around the body. An evocation of the couture heritage of the house, the plate where the logo is written, molded on the glass of the bottle, takes by its shape and graphics the label of Grès dresses. The pale pink box that houses this elegant bottle also pays tribute to haute couture codes.

Art & Fragrance also presented Pace, the new perfume by Jaguar Fragrances and Bentley‘s Infinite Rush.

art et fragrance tfwa we 2015

Jaguar Pace

About Art & Fragrance

Art & Fragrance is a major player in the luxury goods industry, with an international presence and a global reach. Creating and developing high-quality and prestige products, the company specialize in perfumes, cosmetics, crystal glass, jewellery, high-end furniture and living accessories, as well as Art.
The company was founded in 2000, and its 500 staff worldwide are providing a distribution network that enables it to keep up with market trends and increase the brand’s performance.

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