international rose day st tropez 2018

International Rosé Day, Launch in Couleurs de Provence

international rose day st tropez 2018

Dégustation sur paysages du Golfe de Saint Tropez

The launch of the first edition of the International Rosé Day Provence has illuminated the Citadelle of Saint Tropez in pink with the luminous and artistic magic of Alain Guilhot.

The International Rosé Day celebrated on June 22, 2018 in conviviality the pleasure of the art of living in Provence, a glass of rosé in the hand at the Citadel of Saint Tropez. A magical place for a magic drink, synonymous with summer, friendliness and affection: at the initiative of Valérie Rousselle, owner of Chateaux Roubine and Sainte Béatrice, the spirit of Rosé, a wine born in Provence, swept over the planet from Saint Tropez.

international rose day st tropez 2018

Valérie Rousselle

Prestigious planetary festivities

With Saint Tropez, an internationally known city, as the epicenter many prestigious and planetary festivities took place at the same time around the world, in mythical places. The International Rosé Day has invited to the devotion to the divine nectar in Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Rio, Monaco, Cannes, Grasse, Ibiza, Miami, New York, Boston, Oslo, Marrakech, Bucharest, St. Bartholomew, Moscow…
In the Principality of Monaco, the Palace, the museums, the Grimaldi Forum dressed in pink color. In Grasse, the World Capital of Perfumes made its fountains flow pink. The Eiffel Tower has also blazed Rose as well as other iconic monuments in major capitals.

international rose day st tropez 2018

The Rosé, child of Provence

The first vines were brought by the Greeks during the founding of Marseille 26 centuries ago. The Rosé was first wine made in ancient times on the sunny terroirs of Provence. Favorite soil of the Rosé by its climate, its terroirs, its grape varieties, Provence has always been conducive to the production of wines of this beautiful and tender color. By the choice of grape varieties and a strategy in the cultivation methods, the winemakers froml the region have chosen to make the Rosé the leader of their production, exported worldwide. More and more tasted on the epicurean planet, the Rosé pairs with all the cuisines, all the cultures and all the atmospheres. The iconic production of Provence deserved its world day: the International Rosé Day!

international rose day st tropez 2018

Philippe Portal, Sous-Préfet de Draguignan, Jean-Pierre Tuveri, Maire de Saint Tropez, Valérie Rousselle, Alain Guilhot, Alain Baccino, Président du Syndicat des Côtes de Provence & Philippe Rouquette, Caisse d’ÉpargneCôte d’Azur

Tasting course over the Gulf of Saint Tropez

The Place des Canons in the Citadelle, overlooking the sumptuous Gulf of Saint Tropez, was packed on Friday, June 22, 2018. Visitors took the International Rosé Day Provence on the baptismal funds by discovering the Rosés on the tasting course proposed by thirty Provencal winemakers. Catering areas offered a “cuisine of the sun” with specialties from the region signed by Hermance and Quentin Joplet from the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Castellaras in Fayence, the chefs Jacopo Brunero, Dominique Calcerano and Victoire Silvant from the restaurant Apopino in Grimaud and chef Nicolas Rutard, Le Carrément Bon traiteur.

international rose day st tropez 2018

Illumination de la Citadelle par Alain Guilhot

Music and illumination of the Citadel

At the origin of the event, Valérie Rousselle, from the domains Château Roubine and Château Sainte Béatrice, president of the International Organization of Rosé, founder of the association of women winemakers Les Eléonores de Provence, dedicated to the promotion of the art of live and wines of Provence. This great lady of wine had invited the lighting architect Alain Guilhot, designer among others of the Festival of Lights in Lyon, to proceed to the illumination in pink of the fortress of the Citadel at nightfall. All to the sound of music with a Trio Jazz and Alejandra Burgos‘ very tonic rock, before the performance of the French DJ Cerrone on turntables.

international rose day st tropez 2018

Alejandra Burgos

Brotherhood, creativity and festivities

Placed by Valérie Rousselle under the aegis of Siduré, the first goddess of the Rosé (before Bacchus) who invited to light tasting and to party, the beautiful birthday of the International Rosé Day Provence will take place at the dawn of the summer, every 4rd Friday of June, to live in a great diversity of expressions the values carried by the Rosé: freedom, friendship, fraternity, sensuality, lightness, modernity, creativity. May these festivities blow the air of Provence and the spirit of Rosé throughout the world!

international rose day st tropez 2018

International Rosé Day Provence
Organisation Internationale du Rosé
+33 (0)4 94 85 94 94

International Rosé Day, Launch of Couleurs de Provence in pictures

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