iran mall luxury tehran imcc

Iran Mall, Luxury in Tehran

iran mall luxury tehran imcc

Iran Mall ©Norr Group

Presented at MAPIC 2017 in Cannes, Iran Mall, currently under construction in the suburbs of Tehran, will be one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the world

Iran Mall, Iran’s most iconic shopping center project, will span over one million square meters in the suburbs of Tehran. Eventually, the site built by Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC) will offer shoppers some 1000 shops and will host many leisure facilities. Presented at MAPIC 2017 in Cannes, this project aspires to be one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the world, expanding the boundaries in terms of design, quality and surface. The opening of a first tranche is scheduled for the end of 2017.

iran mall luxury tehran imcc

©Norr Group

On the Silk Road

At the crossroads of trade and thinking currents, Iran, with its exceptional geographic features and valuable natural resources, has always welcomed visitors and traders since the early days of the Silk Road.
Since the lifting of the international embargo, the reopening of the domestic market in this country of more than 80 million people is stimulating the economy and leading investors – including foreign companies – to embark on impressive shopping center projects such as Mica Mall on Kish Island and Iran Mall, which, as of 2017, will compete with those in Dubai.

iran mall luxury tehran imcc

©Norr Group

A unique multifunctional project

Iran Mall is a unique multi-purpose development in Iran, located between the two megalopolises of Tehran and Karaj. The complex will include a large shopping center with a hotel, an exhibition center, a 54-story office tower, a cultural center and a sports complex. The greatest attention is accorded to recreation, culture and entertainment activities.
The multifunctional project will provide the young Iranian population with entertainment, wellness and shopping centers. It is built to the highest standards in the industry, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities such as dancing fountains with a range of over 360 m, an ice rink, two international department stores and, in the middle, a beautiful Persian garden.

iran mall luxury tehran imcc

©Norr Group

Opening of 1000 shops

Realized by Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC), one of Iran’s largest private investors in the sector, the project should represent an investment of 2.5 billion euros. When accomplished, it will integrate 1000 shops, 2 hotels as well as many leisure facilities such as an ice rink and a cinema complex. On the shoppers’ menu: a hypermarket of 20,000 m2, sports areas with tennis courts and swimming pool, food courts, a family entertainment center, art galleries, an Iranian bazaar, a fashion avenue, a crystal atrium and fine dining areas. Iran Mall’s development will include a 450-room, 5-star hotel with convention, meeting, and banquet facilities, as well as a state-of-the-art 2000-seat theater. All will be served by 20,000 parking spaces.

iran mall luxury tehran imcc

©Norr Group

A contemporary and refined spirit

The architecture of the commercial complex has been entrusted to the Canadian Norr Group. Iran Mall is built in a contemporary and refined spirit with natural noble materials from local areas, the interior design of the shopping center being inspired by the rich heritage of Persian arts and culture. The design of the buildings is based on a repetition of modular patterns, complemented by the unique vertical profiles of the cypress trees and the reflective surfaces of the flowing waters. On the roof of the shopping center, a unique outdoor area will host small gardens and several restaurants, cafes and sports facilities, served by wooded pathways.

iran mall luxury tehran imcc

©Norr Group

About Iran Mall Commercial Company

Tehran-based Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC) is a leading developer of shopping malls and hotels in Iran. IMCC is the preferred partner of foreign companies seeking to grow in the market of Iran, one of the most dynamic markets in the region, driven by changing lifestyles, rapid urbanization and the increased role of shopping in contemporary life. IMCC boasts essential data on all aspects and characteristics of the Iranian market, ranging from consumer behavior and buying habits to the shoppers’ requirements.

Iran Mall, Luxury in Téhéran in pictures

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  1. Salman Ansari Javid says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am an Iranian-Canadian journalist residing in Tehran at the moment. I will be interested to cover the development of Iran Mall.

    Kindly contact me in case you are interested in further cooperation.

    Salman A Javid

  2. Reza Shahifar says:

    That is my honor and proud I heard about such a great mall in my countty in Iran. Actually I am living in Tehran and I am in hurry ti visit this mall. Althoug I am not enough rich to invest or buy a shop in this mall but I am sure I take a time to visit there. I am a kind of managers with a lot of ecperiences. So that is great I find a job there in managerial level. I am sure it had opened many job oppurtunitirs edpecially for young people. In the end I would like my great thanks for all investors , designers , engineers and the others who have worked hard by their heart and spirit.
    Good Lock
    Reza Shahifar

  3. نازنین says:

    Good luck Reza Jan.
    I live out of Iran but I have to say we have to dream about such beautiful Mall where I live.
    i hope Iranian appreciate it and enjoy it.
    موفق باشی رضا جان

  4. The project to build a large collection of “IRAN Mall” is one of the activities of the “SAZEH PAIDAR” company.
    Equipping and installing modern construction of this complex has been carried out by “SAZEH PAIDAR Co.”.
    Installing “Flange Channel”, “Anchor”, “Installation Support” and … including “Iran Mala” facility “SAZEH PAIDAR
    Visit SAZEHPAIDAR.COM for more information”

  5. Rajab Ghorbananzadeh says:

    Architecture is a great opportunity to give homage to god, elevate thinking, improve way of living.
    Thank you for designing this beautiful mall for the future users.
    Seeing this advancement to Tehran-Iran fills my heart with joys.

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