les ballades truffées benjamin bruno

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno in Lorgues

les ballades truffées benjamin bruno

Benjamin Bruno

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno take you into the secret universe of the Truffle through the fragrant paths of Provençal gastronomy and the history of the famous Restaurant Bruno.

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno (Benjamin Bruno’s Truffle Ballads) share with forty-five recipes around the Truffle the 35-year passion of the Bruno family for this treasure of the soil – “this strange tuber that eludes any logic” – with carnal and captivating scents. The work perpetuates the gourmet heritage of the great grandparents, Mariette and Baptistin, who arrived from Piedmont at the turn of the 20th century to found in Lorgues (Var) La Campagne Mariette, around a family building perched on a hill that will become in 1983 the Restaurant Bruno, a Provençal gastronomic institution renowned throughout the world, offering a truffled feast for the senses in a setting of sculptures, paintings, wood paneling and fine furniture.

les ballades truffées benjamin bruno

Benjamin Bruno et sa brigade

The Brunos, Trufficologues

Benjamin Bruno continues to write this continuity in the form of homage dedicated to the loyal customers of the establishment and the local farmers too, producers of exceptional products coming into the recipes.
Many gourmets would like to cook the Truffle, but don’t know how to magnify all its aromas and fear to denature it by cooking it awkwardly. For the happiness of the gourmets, for the Brunos, the Truffle is like a gift: “Mozart knew how to marry the notes, Giono the words, Da Vinci was drawing, others sing or play the comedy… the Brunos cultivate the flavor of things: we are trufficologues!
At La Campagne Mariette, the gastronomy of the Truffle is elevated to the rank of culinary Art, whose simplicity sublimates the essential flavors of the Black, Gray, Red or White Diamond, from winter, autumn or summer.

les balades truffees benjamin brunoThe Truffle, a Review Leader

In the dishes served at the restaurant, Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno are staging the Truffle as a Review Leader who decides, who gives the tastes, surrounded by noble ingredients that play the partition of the soil, for plates with charismatic charm. Benjamin Bruno explains that each truffle – black or white – has its history, that you have to listen to it to better sublimate it. Realizable at home, Clément and Benjamin Bruno’s recipes will tell you the splendor of the seven truffles of which five tons are cooked a year, sharing a unique know-how in the world, for a magic festival for all the senses, successful along the four seasons.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno


Benjamin Bruno, a gourmand heritage

Raised since childhood with the aroma of truffles and pans that sing the terroir, Benjamin Bruno has taken over for six years the kitchens of his father, Clément. The young chef continues the tradition, extending the house’s anthology dishes such as Agnolotti or Baked Potato and its Cream of Truffle Tuber Albidum Pico and grated Truffle Tuber Uncinatum, while bringing its touch of modernity, listening to the expectations of its customers.
Trained in the houses of Alain Ducasse like the Plazza Athénée in Paris, he perfected his talents at the Blue-Bay, the gastronomic restaurant at Monte-Carlo Bay, working the rigor and marriage of ingredients, before opening its own restaurant, the Diamant Noir, in Nice.
As he was irresistibly missing Lorgues and the Campage Mariette, he joined his brother, Samuel, Director of the Restauration, and took over the family stoves, perpetuating a simple, generous and authentic cuisine.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Benjamin & Samuel Bruno

Balades in truffled treats

The Truffle is an accomplice of sweets for the most gourmand. As the highlight of a delicious meal around the treasures of the soil, the Tuber Melanosporum, the enchanting winter fairy, illuminates all dishes with its carnal aromas. This rare nugget blends sumptuously with a chocolate with strong cocoa accents (70 to 73%) while the Truffle d’Alba will prefer white chocolate. The tasty Brumale also combines with vanilla, egg, apples…
Damien Goelen, Bruno’s Pastry Chef for two and a half years, is full of ideas and imagines his desserts as he would like them to be presented to him. Originally from Lille, trained in pastry shop and catering, Damien has embarked on the pastry catering and elaborates very refined, melting, desserts with balanced tastes and sweet, combining simplicity and the spirit of the seasons.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Damien Goelen

A book for the holiday season

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno are elegantly prefaced by His Royal Highness the Prince Felix of Luxembourg, owner-winemaker of Château les Crostes in Lorgues, an epicurean neighbor passionate about the terroir of Provence and its gastronomy. The recipes are illustrated with beautiful and appetizing photos by Mélanie Retamar on texts by Bernard Duplessis, a writer who has already collaborated on Clément Bruno’s former two books and covers each recipe with a pertinent maxim. The graceful, clear and refined graphism is signed Inès Margolles.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno


Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno, a work of culinary Art as well as a book of gastronomy and a novel of life, is to put at the foot of the Christmas tree for enchanting holiday tables.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Oeuf Poché with Caviar Osciètre and Mousseline de Choux with Tuber Brumale Truffle.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Tournedos de Boeuf Rossini with Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Ile Flottante with Truffle Melanosporum Provençale.

les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Crême Brûlée with Truffle.

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno
Texts by Bernard Duplessis – Photos by Mélanie Retamar
Graphism by Inès Margolles
200 pages – 39 €
Éditions Campanile


les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Restaurant Bruno
Campagne Mariette
2350, route des Arcs
83510 Lorgues
Tel: +33 (0)4 94 85 93 93


les balades truffees benjamin bruno

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno en salle

Les Balades Truffées de Benjamin Bruno in pictures

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