jasminade grasse 2015

The Jasminade Perfumes Grasse

jasminade grasse 2015The flower parade of the 69th Jasminade perfumed  with jasmine the sparkling and cheerful night of Grasse, the world’s capital of perfume, on August 1, 2015.

The traditional corso fleuri – parade of floats  – of the Jasminade (the Jasmin Festival) with its magnificent flower parade had India as theme this year. The parade of floats accompanied by brass bands, flag throwers, stilt walkers, musicians and dancers, was the highlight of the Festival, which took place from July 31 to August 2, 2015.

The floral emblem of the Capital of Perfume

Organised since 1948, the Jasminade is a tradition that marks the the beginning of the Jasmine harvesting season, the floral emblem of the Capital of Perfume. This flower, Grasse’s white gold, that is part of the local history, is still grown in the Grasse region. The event is also an opportunity to celebrate all flowers at once. This year, the Grasse districts were involved in the event in electing their beauty queens.

jasminade grasse 2015

Mayor of Grasse Jérôme Viaud,  Miss Grasse  & the… Mini-Miss Grasse

The Miss on the parade

In this flowery parade on the theme of India, Miss Grasse 2015, Pamela Kippenberge-Scarlett, accompanied by her dauphines and the queens from Magagnosc, Plascassier, Saint-François, Saint-Antoine, Saint-Claude, Saint-Jacques and the Plan-de-Grasse, marched through the city, perched on floats, throwing armfuls of fragrant and colorful flowers to the crowd. The lovely Miss Grasse 2015 was accompanied by her “mini-me”, Faustine, a delicious young girl proudly wearing the scarf of Mini-Miss Grasse 2015, who enjoyed an undeniable success.

Flower parade and watering with jasmine

A total of 7 floats, decorated by florists from Grasse, Chateauneuf, Mougins and Valbonne, marched in a battle of flowers and confetti, while firefighters were sprinkling water scented with jasmine onto the public. The rest of the procession was composed of flowery carriages, marching bands, flag throwers, stilt walkers, dancers wriggling on a languorous Indian music. These musical parades accompanied the floats of the Belles, resplendent in their white robes haloed with the light lace overlooking their carriages.
This superb night extravaganza raised the public’s enthusiasm of this magical night of great popular celebration under the sign of jasmine.

jasminade grasse 2015

The origins of the Jasminade

It was on 3 and 4 August, 1946, that the first Jasmine Festival was celebrated in Grasse. In this month of jasmine harvesting, the popular festivities included concerts, painting exhibitions, parades of military music, fairs, puppet shows, fireworks and balls. From 1948, the Jasmine festival became a real flower festival.

Grasse, a huge garden with perfume plants

The Perfumery is an important contributor to the local economy, making the Pays de Grasse a huge garden with the cultivation of perfume plants. Indeed, the city and its surroundings enjoy remarkable natural conditions – qualities of the soil, mild climate, sunshine – which produces in remarkable quantity and quality many types of flowers throughout the year: in February, the mimosa, in March, the violet, in April, the daffodil, in May, the orange blossom and the Rose de Mai, from June to September, the tuberose and from August to October, the jasmine.

jasminade grasse 2015

Jasmine, a rare flower

The jasmine harvest is a long and delicate operation that is done only by hand between August and mid-October. The number of flowers collected for a kilo of jasmine varies between 8,000 and 14,000, knowing that one ton of flowers is needed to obtain one kilo of jasmine essence.


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The Jasminade Perfumes Grasse

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