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Jean-Patrice Paci’s Chocolate Hallowen

A real wizard with the magic wand, Maître Chocolatier Jean-Patrice Paci invites young and old to crunch his delicious chocolate creations to celebrate Hallowen.

The leaves are changing color and fall, rain is more frequent, the days are shortening inexorably, the wind is refreshing the days, temperature drops. No doubt: the fall has arrived!

Yippee! It’s Hallowen

With the fall, every year comes of course the Halloween celebrations, a great favorite of children – and many adults. And if you disguise, why not dress up the chocolate in forms of ghostly characters or pumpkin, like the ones the Maître Chocolatier Jean-Patrice Paci is creating in its two boutiques in Cannes and Nice.

Halloween in chocolate

To celebrate this feast of Celtic origin, Jean-Patrice Paci, a real goldsmith of creation, unveils in his two temples of chocolate his range of delicacies with orange and cocoa colors he created specifically to delight the palates of gourmets.
When you enter the cave of the magician, the famous pumpkin signed Jean-Patrice Paci, with distinctly pop colors, imposes its touch of acidic gaiety. The real temptation for the palate comes in orange chocolate(orange flavor), dark or milk!
Ghosts, bats or witches: all these Halloween creatures with assorted aromas can be glimpsed while tasting the walking skeletons, pale witches, pumpkins with bright colors.
A witch proudly sits on its base of cocoa, intriguing, with its translucent ghost, its cobwebs in white chocolate and skulls.
Surprisingly, given its elegance with its small assortment of fine chocolates and sprinkled gold dust, the haunted house is in the Halloween tradition and offers a sharp makeover thanks to its stunning chocolate looks.

Small brigands and great wizards may devour these treats without moderation.

An artist of chocolate

Jean-Patrice Paci is fallen into the chocolate cauldron when he was a child, as his father was Chocolatier. Aware of the difficulty of the job, his father suggested him to take a divergent professional path. As he was showing some talent for the arts, Jean-Patrice Paci trained in the Beaux-Arts school. In 1996, he opens his Chocolaterie Avenue Notre-Dame in Nice, before opening a second store in 2008 in Cannes.
In 2013, a Mercure d’Or awarded his skills and talent.

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