yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

La Cuisine des Fleurs In the Perfume of Violette

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Yves Terrillon à La Cuisine des Fleurs

Yves Terrillon’s La Cuisine des Fleurs is offering cooking classes all year round, with the flowers of Grasse as queens. In his workshop, this exceptional chef will make you discover all the gustative virtues of jasmine, rose or violet.

Today, flowers are more and more popular in restaurants and on our plates. The fork is foraging around the flowers without daring to hurt the delicate petals that perfume our senses and titillate our taste buds. Yves Terrillon, the chef of the workshop La Cuisine des Fleurs in Antibes, has been cooking flowers with passion for a dozen years. Thanks to this sensory sensibility that has been ingrained in him for a long time, he is creating original, elegant and colorful dishes that he perfumes with subtle and delicate touches based on flowers used by the great Grasse perfumers.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Violet, petals of taste flavors

Since the dawn of time, the violet has been used in gastronomy for the scent it exhales and the aesthetics it brings to the most refined dishes. Far from being limited to decoration, the violet gives off an unequaled gustatory fineness. Already in prehistory, this delicate, dark purple flower with a sweet and penetrating fragrance was considered sacred and praised by Hippocrates. Delicately extracted, its volatile essence entered the composition of the vaporous perfumes which added to the charms of elegant ladies.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

A precious healthy element

Annunciator of the spring, this flower is also a precious element for the health. In medicine, it is used to cure headaches, insomnia, melancholy, anxiety, and some even say it has aphrodisiac power. In herbal medicines, herbal infusions are used to treat respiratory diseases because this plant has emollient and expectorant properties.
Fresh, it is full of mineral salts, vitamins A and C. In the food industry, it is commonly used for its subtle fragrance and decorative qualities. It enhances dishes, salads or desserts. The violet is also coveted by the chefs restaurateurs to sublimate or decorate their gastronomic plates.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Yves Terrillon et ses élèves

Simple and deliciously fragrant recipes

We never really learned to cook… except at school but just to make pancakes. So we struggle with a boiled egg and a pack of pasta, but we soon get tired. With the arrival of spring, why not impress your friends with this purplish flower that will brighten and perfume your dishes wonderfully by learning how to make simple and deliciously fragrant recipes in chef Yves Terrillon’s workshop La Cuisine des Fleurs in Antibes?
Passionate about horticulture, this chef likes, according to his inspiration or the seasons, to share the subtle perfumes of the flowers during the cooking lessons that he gives to the apprentice cooks attending his workshop. The quality, the freshness and the origin of the products are on the menu of this sensory morning.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Learn how to cook violets with Yves Terrillon

For this, come enjoy the cooking and floral classes given by Yves Terrillon in his workshop La Cuisine des Fleurs in Antibes. On February 17, 2018, the chef honored the Violette of Tourrettes sur Loup via a delicious menu consisting of a Oeuf Cocotte, Violette and Foie Gras, a Back of Cod with Potato Scales, Dussels of Mushrooms with Violet, Beurre Blanc and to finish with a note of gourmandise and freshness, a Parfait Glacé with Milk Chocolate, Violet and Pear. In the first place – and if the weather is fine – Yves Terrillon organizes before the course a picking of flowers on the site of culture, a meeting with the producers of the plant and finally back to the workshop in Antibes for the transformation and the recipes with the flowers freshly picked in the morning.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

A menu to taste at the end of the lesson

During the two hours devoted to the preparation of dishes with the bouquet of spring flavors, a warm and relaxed atmosphere settles in the spacious workshop flooded with light between the chef and the students of a day. After knotting an apron around the waist and putting a toque on the head like a real chef, the students gather around the large work table. Under the chef’s leadership, everyone strives to master the techniques that will contribute to the success of their violet-flavored creations.
While presenting the menu of recipes to be made and tasted at the end of the lesson, the chef’s sweet manners and smile quickly abolish the boundaries between chef and student. His ultra modern kitchen, his gentle teaching method and his knowledge seduce immediately. His judicious advice, his patience with the numerous questions and unskillful hesitations, do the rest.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Oeuf Cocotte, Violette et Foie Gras

A culinary experience to live

In this studious atmosphere, time passes very quickly. The pleasure of cooking, the moments of simple and invaluable sharing allow each participant, neophyte, enlightened amateur or budding cook, to relax with a laugh at a few culinary shortcomings. Fortunately, as fine the pedagogue, the Chef comes to the rescue to explain how to whip up the egg whites, mince shallots, peel mushrooms, cut potatoes into thin equal slices with a metal cookie cutter (creation of his father jeweler!).
Always listening, the chef patiently answers the questions and clearly explains the different stages of work while not stingy with tips and advice.

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Exciting culinary and floral experience

At the end of the class, all you have to do is set up the plates and enjoy together the dishes prepared by everyone on the main table, a reward of freshly acquired savoir-faire. In a gourmet pleasure and between two bites, everyone is delighted to have spent at La Cuisine des Fleurs in the company of Yves Terrillon a moment of harmonious sharing and a lot of floral emotions. All are eager to put into practice at home these delicious recipes with violet flavors. An exciting floral experience that everyone intends to renew and recommend to those around them. Congratulations and thank you Yves!

yves terrillon la cuisine des fleurs violette

Dos de Cabillaud en Écailles de Pomme de Terre, Duxelles de Champignons à la Violette, Beurre Blanc

Inspiration in the Capital of Perfumes

After a training in classical cuisine at the famous Jean Ferrandi School in Paris where he comes from, Yves Terrillon began his career in various Parisian starred establishments. In 2000, aspiring to new adventures, he left the Paris region and moved to the South. He began to work on the flowers of the Grasse region by incorporating them into his already very personal cuisine. In 2007, he opened in the Capital of Perfumes, Grasse, his city of heart, his restaurant L’Amphitryon. During a chance meeting with the confectioners from Confiserie Florian located at the Pont du Loup in the Grasse hinterland, he decided to create a cooking workshop dedicated to La Cuisine des Fleurs.

Dos de Cabillaud en Écailles de Pomme de Terre, Duxelles de Champignons à la Violette, Beurre Blanc

Tasting in the flower fields

His courses are for individuals (from six people), but also for professionals, cooks, caterers and perfumers. Yves Terrillon has also developed his Pétales & Saveurs delicatessen brand and a catering service that brings him to work both on the French Riviera and throughout France and sometimes abroad for private or professional clients. As a good craftsman, Yves likes to choose the product before savoring them on his plate. He very often make tastings in the fields of violets or roses.

La Cuisine des Fleurs
Yves Terrillon
16, boulevard du Val Claret
06660 Antibes
Tél: 33 (0)4 92 95 13 32


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