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Lucio Oliveri Exhibition at Mougins Espace Culturel

A must-see exhibition this summer in Mougins, that of artist painter and sculptor Lucio Oliveri, whose works with themes women, love, maternity, child, tenderness, complicity hand in hand, are a constant and poetic research on consciousness and relationship between human beings.

Lucio Oliveri’s artistic vocation was trigged in 1954, at the age of nineteen, when his father died and he decided to save his portrait in clay. In the seventies, to complete his own self-taught training, he followed during seven years sculpture course at Milan Artistic Centre. After a classical figurative start, Lucio Oliveri identifies himself as a figurative character oriented towards the expression of soul feelings, of human behavior, through the synthesis and the essence of human illustration with, as a mentor, Professor Paolo Levi, artistic director of Giorgio Mondadori Editions.
Lucio Oliveri then feels the need to find an expressive and recognizable art, which is why, in his artistic approach, you can pick his gift to capture the feeling of a meticulous moods investigator. He therefore identifies himself in a customized figuration through the representation and analysis of the essence of the human figure.
From the beginning of his career, he has shed light on his creative qualities to combine form and content with the wisdom and vision of a complete structure. Although starting from a primarily classical background, he was also able to develop a personal vision of the sculptural form in which he expresses through a high sensitivity and manual dexterity, playing on feelings and avoiding thedecorative, he gives priority to the figural content of his creation.
All this allows him to create a sculpture with a clear and recognizable signature code that responds to the importance and urgency of his plastic forms. Lucio Oliveri’s workd, inspired by twentieth century sculptors, are to be read in two ways: first, the fragmentation of the various elements of the structure of the human body, which acts as an expressive accent, then the poetic invention giving the viewer an underlying current of non-said words. Extremely versatile, his art has the same ease on chalk, on terracotta and bronze. Lucio Oliveri lives and works in Milan, where he is a member of the Cultural Arts Center. He has participated in several art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, receiving on these occasions numerous awards and distinctions.

Exhibition from August 8 to September 29, 2013

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