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Mandelieu Fete du Mimosa Colors The Riviera

The festivities of the Fete du Mimosa, the most popular local tradition of the year in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, took place with a parade of floats under a rain of mimosa on the seafront promenade.

During this colorful parade, the winter sun gave all the treasures of the Riviera Countries and cities contributing to the reputation of the French Riviera, coloring the winter with yellow rays of mimosa.
For this lap dance in honor of the little flower of the sun, the great flower parade consisted of floats dressed in grapes of mimosa, accompanied by musical troops, ambulatory shows and costumed characters. They marched in a festive procession before the thousands of happy spectators for a nearly 2-hour show on the theme of “Au Pays de la Riviera” (In the Land of the Riviera).
Throughout the parade, loads of mimosa was flown through the air towards the crowd. Each was striving in a communicative joy to catch as much as possible branches, launched by children with pink cheaks and happy faces, dressed in harmony with their floats, trimmed in yellow color representing the sun’s heat, so much needed by humans.
Pretty young girls in flower, fresh and seductive, dressed in traditional costumes forming a nice contrast with the heavenly landscape of a beautifully blue sky and huge palm trees, paraded under a deluge of mimosa and thunderous applause.

Cannes, the capital of cinema, was a sensation with a float decorated with a red carpet where platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe was taking pride, wearing a white dress reminiscent of the cult film “7 years of Reflection” by Billy Wilder. Surmounted, between two palm trees, by the famous and mythical “Palme d’Or” of Cannes Film Festival, Marilyn received universal acclaim.
The Mimosa Queen and her Dauphines aroused much enthusiasm. Parading in beautiful American cars, they indulged into long photo shootings, each wanting to capture these beauty queens in case one of them would become miss France. You never know!
At the finale, everyone could join in the festivities for a last lap dance in honor of the little flower of the sun, to the music of the band that was rhythming the pace of parade for his last lap and thus close the book of this enchanted interlude.

Officially celebrated for the first time in 1931, the Fete du Mimosa has continued to grow in scale from a flower parade into a big festival now widely recognized. Since then, Mandelieu-La Napoule is living at the same rhythm as the mimosa flowering, madly in love with these yellow grapes. Every winter, the months, in the months of January and February, nature wakes up to offer a landscape of hills covered in yellow with mesmerizing scents.
As if making a mockery of the winter, the hills and gardens light up with gold and disseminate an unforgettable fragrance when the mimosa is in bloom. This flowering period symbol of “Sun in Winter” is celebrated every year in February with a festival steeped in tradition and local folklore: the Fete du Mimosa.

According to tradition, the organization of the Fete du Mimosa is entrusted to the inhabitants of the municipality, associations and Animation Committee. Togetehr, in good spirits, they bloom the floats with freshly picked mimosa. A meticulous work of weaving branches around the motifs is performed each year depending on the theme chosen. The willingness of all gives an authentic folk festival atmosphere recognized by all its visitors.


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