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MIPTV 2014 in Cannes Overview

Now in its 51st year, MIPTV is the world’s most powerful and prestigious market and creative incubator for TV programs.

From April 7 to 10, professionals from across the TV and digital entertainment ecosystem gather in Cannes for four days of intensive networking, trading, screenings, and high level conferences and keynotes.
MIPTV is also a key venue for early stage development and financing deals, content acquisitions and programme sales. MIPTV 2014 will offer the World Premiere TV Screening of “Power”.

This year, MIPTV will focus on Israel, and propose some highlights like the Media Mastermind Keynotes, MIP Digital Fronts, MIPCube, Junior at MIPTV as well as 4K/Ultra HD demonstrations.
The MIPCube, the forum for innovation and audience engagement is an integral part of the MIPTV. It showcases cutting-edge ways in which technology and creativity are working together to enrich and reinvent the viewing experience.
The MIPCube programme includes a wide range of high level talks, a dedicated matchmaking area and a B2B startup competition.

As usual, some majors stars will walk up the MIPTV 2014 Opening Party Red Carpet at hotel Grand Hyatt Martinez: Curtis ‘‘50 Cent’’ Jackson (Power), Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Honourable Woman), Kim Cattrall (Sensitive Skin), Amy Poehler (Broad City), Ray Wise (Farmed & Dangerous) and David Hewlett (State of Syn). Singer and TV host China Moses will also walk the Red Carpet among prominent guests participating in the International Digital Emmy Awards ceremony that will take place the same evening.

Prior to MIPTV, the MIPDoc and MIPFormats will showcase the world’s non fiction and unscripted programs.


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