graine de pastel tfwa we 2016

Natural Beauty with Graine de Pastel

graine de pastel tfwa we 2016

Champ de pastel

Graine de Pastel presented at TFWA-WE 2016 for the first time the benefits of pastel seed in its line of natural anti-aging cosmetics.

Graine de Pastel, the cosmetic brand based on the benefits provided by nature, was created in 2003 by two ladies from Toulouse, Carole Garcia and Nathalie Juin. Very attached to the Midi-Pyrenees region, they embody a generation of entrepreneur and ambitious women. Together, they have developed a line of anti-aging cares based on the pastel seed.
The brand opens a door to a sensitive and refreshing universe bearing the signature of sincerity and boasts blue pastel boutiques. With generous textures and an unforgettable fragrance, via its care formulas directly inspired from nature, this brand that presents what nature can offer, conquering the body but also the spirit.

graine de pastel tfwa we 2016

Baume de Cocagne

A seed steeped in history

The pastel is an amazing biennial cruciferous whose leaves provide an exceptional blue. This boule de cocagne was once cultivated between Toulouse, Albi and Carcassonne, in the region of Lauragais, which was formerly called Pays de Cocagne. During the Renaissance, the pastel fields were so developed that François 1er and Catherine de Medici traveled to closely observe the cultivation of this plant generator of wealth, which only grew in the golden triangle.
At the time, the whole Europe was importing the pastel blue to dye fabrics and give a unique color to painters’ palettes.

graine de pastel tfwa we 2016

A seed with many virtues

In the mid 90s, taking benefit from the revival of its cultivation, at the initiative of a cooperative farm, the Occitan Castelnaudary Cooperative Group, the researchers at the National School of Chemistry in Toulouse have discovered that the pastel seed possessed virtues to prevent aging of the skin. Indeed, the seed contains 30% of a rich oil, composed of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, with revitalizing, diuretics and even antibiotics properties.

graine de pastel tfwa we 2016

Boutique Graine de Pastel

Controlled agriculture

Previously working for the pharmaceutical company Fabre in Castres, Carole Garcia Nathalie and Juin have studied for 10 years these therapeutic properties and obtained patents for several products. They decided in 2003 to fly on their own by creating the brand Graine de Pastel. Coming from a controlled agriculture, alls the products are organic, certified Eco Cert, free of paraben, silicone and phenoxyethanol.
Today, Carole Garcia and Nathalie Juin are managing six outlets in France and an enterprise that generated in 2015 a turnover of € 1.7 million.

graine de pastel tfwa we 2016

Trace de Baume de Cocagne

Anti-aging line

The range Timeless is a complete anti-aging skincare line for the face that acts both on the surface, on the first visible signs, and in depth to stop the work of time: sagging skin, wrinkles, moisture or brightness loss. Because age is a real concern, Graine de Pastel offers a serum, a day cream, a night cream and an eye care whose technical prowess do not takes away the experience of cosmetic pleasure.
The Graine de Pastel care line includes five lines dedicated to anti-aging and skin nutrition. The brand is also developing home fragrances.

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  1. Melanie Habanananda says:

    I visited Albi a few years ago and while there I visited the Graine de Pastel shop and purchased the Graine de pastel hand cream that I liked very much. Can I purchase it on line? Thank you.

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