lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016

Lalique: L’Insoumis Tames TFWA WE-2016

lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016At TFWA WE-2016 in Cannes, Lalique has launched L’Insoumis, a masculine fragrance dedicated to the founder of the Maison René Lalique and his artistic spirit.

Lalique is a prestigious reference throughout the world, a luxury brand that has been radiating the image of Paris throughout the world for over a century. Yet, beyond the emblematic name of this major house of creation, the name rings as a symbol of a talented and wonderful family, always attached to mix two artistic creations: plastic arts and perfumes.

lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016

Dreamers and adventurers

At TFWA WE-2016 in Cannes, Lalique presented its latest perfume, L’Insoumis, in honor of the creator of the trademark, René Lalique, described as an independent, non-conformist and pioneering man.
Just like René Lalique, L’Insoumis is for charismatic, elegant and authentic men, that don’t blindly follow trends but rather create new ones, reflexions of their strong personalities. These men are dreamers and adventurers of modern times.

lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016

Lalique, Poet of the Glass

As the creator who knew at the time to overcome the conventions to revolutionize both the art of jewelery, glassware or perfume, L’Insoumis is independent, non-conformist and a pionneer. To express this freedom of spirit, the personality of René Lalique is expressed through this fragrance and its bottle.
L’Insoumis bottle is inspired by a creation of the artist for the Cyprus by Héraud in 1925. It is worthy of the finest creations of the artist nicknamed the Poet of the Glass.

lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016

Eternal rebirth of nature

The perfect balance of L’Insoumis between abstract and figurative, the opulent and lush lines of its motif carved in relief adorning its sides are representing the birth of a fern. The stylized curves evoke the lush greenery of a mysterious forest. The eternal symbol of rebirth of nature that René Lalique will continue to reinvent over his creations.
Affixed to the rectangular and Art Deco lines of the perfume, a black satin finish hood, adorned with thin stripes and crowned with a silver plate bearing Lalique’s emblem “Swallows”, brings a final touch of sophistication to the creation.

lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016

A fragrance of fern

L’Insoumis is a woody aromatic fragrance for men. The nose behind this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin. The composition is in perfect agreement with the carved fern on the bottle. Through the swirl of the fern, a box breaking conventional ideas was necessary for this fragrance. Coming from the olfactory family woody-aromatic fern, L’Insoumis only includes rich and carefully selected ingredients.
Its scent is both authentic and complex, very rich. The fragrance opens with an intense combination of bergamot, rum, and basil, before unveiling a masculine heart of lavender, black pepper and clary sage. The whole lies on a background of Haitian vetiver, moss, patchouli and wood.
Top notes are bergamot, basil and rum; the middle notes are lavender, clary sage and black pepper; base notes are vetiver from Haiti, Patchouli, woody notes and foam.

lalique l'insoumis tfwa we 2016

Unquestionably, L’Insoumis is a man who is not afraid to show his manhood and to affirm its deep and authentic personality through a fragrance with intense accents.

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