neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018

Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Collection, Cherish the Ritual

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018


The latest Neuhaus collection is pairing Pralines and Coffee for a perfect ritual of flavours with the best chocolates and coffees from Brazil and Colombia in a luxury gift box.

After its World’s Top Chefs Chocolates Collection, born in 2016 from an association with nine world-renowned chefs and pastry chefs, Neuhaus is innovating again for our pleasure of the senses with the new Coffee & Pralines Collection, offering the very first Praline and Coffee foodpairing ritual. The Coffee & Pralines Collection ahs been presented at the TFWA-WE 2018 in Cannes.

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018

Coffee & Pralines Collection, la pause parfaite ©Neuhaus

Inventor of the praline

Neuhaus a is a Belgian company founded in 1857 by Jean Neuhaus, a Swiss chocolate maker, together with his brother-in-law, a pharmacist. The two confectioners were originally selling pharmaceutical confectionery in the Saint-Hubert royal galleries in Brussels. As inventors of the praline and the famous ballotin, the Neuhaus family created a legacy of timeless classics that we still enjoy nowadays. Today, the Belgian Maître Chocolatier is marketing its chocolates in specialized boutiques and chocolatiers in the whole world, as creating the praline was the first in a long series of innovations…

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018

Coffee & Pralines Experience Box ©Neuhaus

Dream duo

Today, Neuhaus has created yet another première: the very first praline and coffee foodpairing ritual. With the Coffee & Pralines Collection comprising six surprising pralines and two unique types of coffee of Brazilian and Colombian origin, every coffee ritual becomes a moment to remember and cherish with friends and family.
Food pairing is based on the principle that flavours enhance or complement each other if they have common components. Chocolate and coffee are a perfect example of a match that is made in heaven.

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018


Pure and authentic flavour

With the Coffee & Pralines Collection, Neuhaus is offering a combination of both pralines and coffee for the perfect break. Specifically for this collection, the Neuhaus Master Chocolatiers created two sets of three pralines that perfectly go with two unique types of coffee. They selected beans from Colombia and Brazil, two world leaders in the cocoa sector and coffee production. Both the cocoa and coffee beans are single origin as they come from the same region to guarantee a pure and authentic flavour.

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018


Coffee ritual in a specific order

Neuhaus’ Coffee & Pralines Collection ritual is all about tasting: the three pralines are eaten one after the other in a specific order from delicate to intense together with a drink of coffee from the same region. The Santa Rosa coffee from Brazil has a sweet undertone of milk chocolate and hazelnut and is drunk in combination with pralines made with Brazilian cocoa (67%) with lime, gingerbread and caramel among others. The Finca el Para coffee from Colombia has hints of black tea and dark chocolate and is drunk with pralines made with Colombian cocoa (65%) with raspberry, crunchy feuilletine and samba tea.

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018

Coffee & Pralines Experience Box fermée ©Neuhaus

The perfect surprise

To bring out the full depth of the flavours, Neuhaus’ Master Chocolatiers recommend a tasting ritual that offers guests the perfect surprise: start with a sip of coffee to pick up the flavour. Then, let the first praline slowly melt on the tongue and enjoy the pleasure as the coating melts away followed by the revelation of the filling. Finish the ritual with a sip of coffee so that the flavours blend together in the mouth. Enjoy by repeating the ritual for the second and third praline!

neuhaus coffee pralines collection tfwa we 2018

Coffee & Pralines Origine Box ©Neuhaus

Luxury gift box

The Coffee & Pralines Collection is available in two versions. The Experience Box contains 36 pralines and two 100-g packets of Brazil and Colombia single origin coffees – enough for 12 delicious coffee and praline rituals. The Origin Box contains 24 pralines which are just right for eight relaxing coffee and praline rituals. Both boxes are simple and elegant with a luxury finish. Each box contains a leaflet providing full details about the production process and the ideal coffee ritual.

Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Collection
Collection available from October 2018

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