davidoff escurio tfwa we 2015

New Davidoff Escurio Range at TFWA-WE

davidoff escurio tfwa we 2015

Escurio Gran Toro ©Oettinger Davidoff

At TFWA-WE 2015 in Cannes, Oettinger Davidoff AG revealed the new Davidoff Escurio range, offering aficionados across the globe vibrant and intriguing experiences.

Oettinger Davidoff AG’s CEO Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard said of the new Davidoff Escurio line: “It has been crafted for those who are in the mood to discover vibrant and intriguing experiences to fill their time beautifully. If time is one of life’s greatest luxuries, this cigar will fill it with excitement!”

Rhythm, Intrigue, Originality

Following Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit and his passion for experiencing the new, Davidoff Escurio cigars bring the modern cigar aficionados diverse and innovative cigar experiences.
The Davidoff Master Blenders team had to meet a new challenge: to craft an exciting Brazilian cigar that delivers an intense spicy and sweet palate stimulation while offering all the excitement and refined sophistication global aficionados would expect from Davidoff.

davidoff escurio tfwa we 2015

Escurio Robusto Tubos ©Oettinger Davidoff

A pulsating, original blend of tobaccos

The team found the inspiration in Rio de Janeiro, where the intriguing nights express all the soul and rhythms of Brazil, and crafted a superb multi-origin blend with the finest Brazilian tobaccos at its core. The Escurio cigar range mixes the Cubra leaves – the fire of the refined Cuban Criollo – with the dark Brazilian Mata Fina leaf, pulsating at the heart of this original blend of tobaccos. Dominican filler tobaccos and a Habano Seed Ecuadorian wrapper add a beautiful balance to this unique cigars.

An exciting taste adventure

Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG explained: “Davidoff Escurio will take aficionados along on a rewarding taste exploration where sweet meets spice with unexpected twists and turns along the way.”
Some quantitative blind taste panels conducted in Germany and the USA on the new Escurio range have rated the cigar consistently as one of the best cigars ever tested amongst its Cuban, Dominican, Nicaraguan and other tobacco origins.

davidoff escurio tfwa we 2015

Escurio Petit Robusto ©Oettinger Davidoff

The intriguing Davidoff Escurio experience

From the beginning, the blend intrigues when spice meets sweet as chilli pepper plays with softer, creamy notes. This is soon complemented in the second third by flavours of oak, liquorice, fruit, salt and leather. Lastly coffee and chilli chocolate flavours arrive culminating in a finale of charming complexity. A new taste experience with twists and turns is trigged as the cigar is constantly changing in flavours.
In this entertaining and multi layered blend each carefully selected tobacco leaf provides its best and unique characteristic:
Habano Ecuador wrapper provides a soft creaminess, earthy balance and an appetising look. Brazilian Cubra binder and filler unleash the spicy twists of the blend with leaf guaranteeing a straight combustion. The sweet, sun drenched Brazilian Mata Fina filler leaf delivers exciting sweet turns due to the perfect interaction of rain and sun to produce a high amount of sugar during the growing season. The Brazilian tobaccos are then complemented by three Dominican Seco tobaccos to balance the blend, resulting in signature Davidoff sophistication.

davidoff escurio tfwa we 2015

Davidoff Escurio cigar cases ©Oettinger Davidoff

Davidoff Escurio wooden cigar box

The Davidoff Escurio range comes in three formats:
Petit Robusto: 50 RG x 31/4”
Robusto: 54 RG x 41/2”
Gran Toro: 58 RG x 51/2” 3

The line comes in a beautifully crafted Davidoff Escurio wooden cigar box in black with metallic foil features containing 12–14 cigars and an upscale etui of four cigars, both embellished with the recognisable Escurio half-moon icon and will be available at Davidoff Appointed Merchants as of late July 2015 in the US.

To complement the cigar range, Davidoff is offering innovative accessories: a stylishly crafted jet flame lighter, a punch cutter and two leather cigar cases.


davidoff escurio tfwa we 2015

Davidoff Escurio Jet-Flame Lighter ©Oettinger Davidoff


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