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Omsk Ballets Brilliantly Open Cannes Russian Art Festival

On opening of the Cannes Russian Art Festival, the Omsk Ballets offered a real journey full of poetry and charm through the culture of remote Siberia which the public discovered on August 23 in Debussy Hall at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

As the blue sky or the sea, a human tide of dancers dressed in their traditional costumes opened on the stage the horizons of this vast territory, an echo of their lives, their traditional songs, a pretty picture rich in color providing an atmosphere of travel and escape.
That was remembering us thousands of memories, stories, pictures in turn tinted with drama and romance, which contributed so much to the fascination of Russian culture. The Omsk Ballets offered a nice art and artistic expression outlook, a dazzling profusion of costumes, beliefs and ageless legends which remained surprisingly alive despite the many turmoils, political and religious, the country went through.
At the sound of the balalaikas, it was all of the Russian soul who paraded before our dazzled eyes. How not to be fascinated by the dancers who twirl, whirl, by their crystalline voices in the silence of the amphitheater, by their grace and beauty of their movements, the performance of dancers leaping heights with unimaginable ease and thoroughness, combining acrobatic fancy the “Cossack” way and this typically Russian attraction for the purity of the line of the corps de ballet.

Between movement and slowness, technical prowess and beauty, the Omsk ballets told us in one evening a whole tale of eternal Siberia and Russia. A people with a deeply rooted national pride, generous, with faithful friendship, loving long exalted conversations, with a harsh nature assimilating so well to the harsh climate, with an abundant literature. The famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky came to Omsk prison in 1850 and wrote there his book “Memories of the House of the Dead,” which tells the life of a prisoner with fatalism and pessimism, followed by written many internationally known works.

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