theoule expo 2013

Theoule Expo Art Exhibition 2013

Theoule sur Mer has been organizing, like every year for 18 years, the Theoule Expo art exhibition, opened from August 21 to September 22, allowing art lovers to discover new artists in a friendly atmosphere with enriching encounters, exceptional discoveries and attractive creations.

For years, Theoule Expo has become a must for art lovers and proves to be a major element of Theoule cultural action, whose theme was shaped and refined over time through search and selection of works, both in painting and sculpture. Beyond the desire to support heritage by sustaining already known artists, Theoule Expo strives to capture the signs of an art world in motion by expanding the scope of investigations and supporting the creation and identifying young artists whose quality and innovation often appear through their early works. Thus, the Cultural Center of Theoule offers its walls to “up-and-coming” artists in the company of their elders so that everyone can enjoy the lights of fame.
Inaugurated in April 2007 with Nikolai Kuzmin’s exhibition, the 300 sqm Cultural Center is equipped with all the necessary facilities to showcase the various exhibited works, painting as well as sculpture. It hosts throughout the year some gorgeous exhibitions and muscial events.
The partners in the organization of Theoule-Expo actively collaborate in the preparation of the exhibition: Guy Lépinette, President of the association, under the Cultural Department of the City of Theoule-sur-Mer, Francis André, painter, Jacques Veilly, organizer of the Biennale “Figurez-Vous l’Imaginaire” and the Tourist Office of Theoule sur Mer

Artists on exhibition at Theoule Expo:  Francis ANDRE-FASOLART, Lyuben ANGELOV, Sam BAUDELAIRE, Vincent BEAUFILS-H, SYLBE, Denise BERTHOUMIEUX-DORMOY, Valérie BIGEON, Patricia CANDIOTTO, Cécile COLOMBO, Andréa PRINCHARD, ESSAIRE, STEFAN, Charlotte JULIAN, KARYSA, Christiane KENNEL, Béatrice KERBASTARD, Stéphanie KORNAK, Margaret LAIRD, Sandrine MACCHIERALDO, Régine OGER, Corine PERRAD, Jacqueline PIZANO, POPOY, Serge RENAUDIER, Sylvie ROCHE, Chantal SELLAN, Dominique SERPIN, Té, Claude VALOIS.

Every day from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm and 04:00 pm  to 07:00 pm
Exhibition : 33 (0)
Tourist Office: 33 (0)

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