rencontres AMRAE cannes 2015

Rencontres AMRAE, Arrêt Sur Image in Cannes

rencontres AMRAE cannes 2015

Opening plenary – Gilbert Canaméras ©AMRAE

From February 4 to 6, 2015, the delegates of the 23rd Rencontres AMRAE walked the Red Carpet of the Palais des Festivals to talk about “Risk Management: Arrêt sur image”.

For four years, the AMRAE (Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l’Entreprise) revisits the French model of Risk Management to adapt it to current and future global risks and strengthen the financial dimension of the Risk Manager. The 23rd Rencontres AMRAE brought together over 2,000 delegates in Cannes to investigate new risk perimeters like the threats related to digital and terrorism.

New risk perimeters

The Rencontres AMRAE are the indispensable landmark for the community of risk management professionals to identify and discuss new areas for risk coverage of the economic fabric by the insurance. The meetings were designed some time to reflect and to think on the profound transformations of Risk Managers work environments and help them to understand the consequences on their trade.

rencontres AMRAE cannes 2015

Red Carpet for AMRAE delegates ©

Digital Risks

The Rencontres AMRAE opened on the risks related to digital, especially since the Sony’s mishap in the USA. At the origin of new needs and uses, both for consumers and Risk Managers, the new technologies offer precious services become indispensable in the daily routine as in professional life. But they involve protean risks, which, beyond the technical or financial spheres, can affect individual and collective freedoms.

The scientific program

During 3 days, the Rencontres AMRAE combined five training sessions, two plenary sessions and 33 workshops to provide participants with practical recipes directly appropriated to their daily practice and debate of “Risk Management : Arrêt sur image”, Cannes capital of Cinema oblige…

rencontres AMRAE cannes 2015

Xavier Gilhou ©AMRAE

Guests Stars

Xavier Guilhou, CEO of XAG Conseil, former head of the DGSE and friend of Gilbert Canameras, President of AMRAE, participated in a round table to discuss the attacks risk. He analyzed the news and the recent developments in “Charlie Hebdo” events, talking about the emerging risk of terrorism.
The two rugby players Sean Fitzpatrick and Sebastien Chabal played the VIP on Friday, February 6 at the Rencontres AMRAE. The first won the Rugby World Cup in 1987 as captain of the All Black. The second is more known for his unusual look than for his performances in blue.
The actor and comedian François-Xavier Demaison intervened in the talk show Movie and Image Risks for the closure of the Rencontres AMRAE in the Grand Auditorum of the Palais des Festivals.

rencontres AMRAE cannes 2015

Sean Fitzpatrick and Sebastien Chabal ©AMRAE


The Association for Risk Management and Insurance Company unites 1,000 members from 700 public and private organizations.
The association’s objectives include developing the “culture” of Risk Management in the economic system and assist its members in their dealings with players in the world of insurance and government. It advises them in risk assessment, in managing their funding and their insurance costs.

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