charlie hebdo march cannes

Republican March for Charlie in Cannes

charlie hebdo march cannes

At the Palais des Festivals

In tribute to the 17 victims of the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo, 7,000 people marched quietly in Cannes for the Republican Values and against hatred.

As in all cities of France, the citizens were called to gather in Cannes for a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo, but also the police woman killed in Montrouge, and the hostages executed in the supermarket Hyper Cosher in Porte de Vincennes.

Cannes is Charlie

The appointment was given on the Alleys of Liberty in the late morning. A dense, united crowd of 7, 000 Charlie from all background, responded in number to the call of democracy, freedom of expression and in tribute to the victims. The famous poster Je Suis Charlie (I Am Charlie) was brandished everywhere.
A procession, led by the Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard and many elected officials, and representatives of the three religions of the book was then formed to march on the Croisette to the sound of “We are Charlie”. In the procession, many families, women, men, youth and children.

charlie hebdo march cannes

On the Croisette

The Palais des Festival is Charlie

After crossing the Croisette, the march against hatred ended on the esplanade of the Palais des Festivals, whose façade was covered at David Lisnard’s initiative, of a huge “Je Suis Charlie” banner. The Charlie sang the Marseillaise, followed by applause and a time for prayer and meditation. In dignity, the crowd  brandished some “I’m Charlie”posters, some signs claiming the unity of the nation and pencils as symbol of freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

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charlie hebdo march cannes

David Lisnard

The French Riviera is Charlie

45,000 people marched in Toulon for a silent march from the Place de la Liberté to join the War Memorial, Place Gabriel Peri.
A human tide of 25,000 people marched Saturday on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice in support to the victims of terrorism and traveled to the War Memorial at the foot of the Castle Hill.
After gathering at the Place de la Mairie, 8,000 people marched on Sunday morning in the city center of Menton.
In Marseille, 60,000 people marched on Sunday in Marseille in tribute to the victims, when a rally had already gathered 45,000 Marseillais the day before.

Historic mobilization

In Paris, 1, 5 million people marched, led by the President of the Republic and 50 personalities from all over the world who gave their support to France.The Charlie mobilization day throughout France has seen 3,7 million people marching, a claim for the values of the Republic of unprecedented magnitude since the Liberation.

The terrorist attacks left 17 dead and 66 millions injured.

charlie hebdo march cannes

Charlie still alive: The new Charlie Hebdo cover

The 17 victims of the terrorist barbarity

For them to be ever remembered, here are the names of the 17 victims the three jihadists made at Charlie Hebdo, in Montrouge, and at the Hyper Casher, Kosher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes:

At Charlie Hebdo

Frédéric Boisseau, Maintenance Agent, Sodexo
Franck Brinsolaro, SPHP Police Officer (responsible for Charb’s protection)
Cabu (Jean Cabut), Cartoonist,
Elsa Cayat, Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst (Divan in Charlie Hebdo)
Charb (Stéphane Charbonnier) Cartoonist,
Philippe Honoré, Cartoonist,
Bernard Maris (Oncle Bernard), Journalist and economist
Ahmed Merabet, Police Officer – 11th arrondissement Commissariat Paris
Mustapha Ourrad, Corrector at “Charlie Hebdo”
Michel Renaud, former Journalist and founder of Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage festival
Tignous (Bernard Verlhac), Cartoonist,
Georges Wolinski, Cartoonist,

In Montrouge

Clarissa Jean-Philippe, Municipal Police Officer,

At Hyper Casher Porte de Vincennes

Philip Braham, Commercial executive
Yohan Cohen, Hyper Kosher Employee,
Yoav Hattab, Student,
François-Michel Saada, Retired executive.

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