rire en vignes 2015 chateau de saint martin

Rire en Vignes at Château de Saint Martin

rire en vignes 2015 chateau de saint martin

Rire en Vignes 2015 poster ©Rire en Vignes

The humour festival Rire en Vignes in the prestigious Château Saint-Martin featuring Jérôme Daran, Walter, Julie Victor and Jean-Luc Lemoine, was very successful.

The Château de Saint Martin in Taradeau (Var), steeped in a 3,000-year history, invited four talented comedians for the second edition of its outdoor humour festival Rire en Vignes. On three evenings, August 4, 5 and 6, 2015, Jérôme Daran, Walter, Julie Victor and Jean-Luc Lemoine made happy a large audience of amateurs of hilarious shows in the vineyards. Oenological discoveries were also on the program as the shows were followed by a Provençal supper.

rire en vignes 2015 chateau de saint martin

Julie Victor on Rire en Vignes stage

A festival born from Friendship

Rire en Vignes is born from the friendship between Adeline de Barry, owner of the wine estate of Château de Saint Martin and Etienne de Balasy, author, director, festival founder and former Artistic Director of the Festival of Montreux. Etienne Balasy invited artists he loves, who are welcomed by the family de Barry as friends in the warm starry nights of August, while in the vineyards, the grapes are ripening. Given the success of the first edition, the festival programmed this year three evenings of shows to welcome the new generation of humour and TV stars.

Walter, Belgian and nasty

With its crisp text, Walter gathers in his hilarious person all the facets of humor: the tongue-in-cheek, biting humor, self-mockery, disrespect, impertinence.
Handling the humorous cynicism, he can laugh at anything because he does it with class and always manages to turn things around with unparalleled elegance, leaving the audience with heartfelt laughter rather than really shocked. For example: “The transition from 0.8 g to 0.5 g of alcohol caused more traffic accidents that it avoided: after two glasses, husbands let their women behind the wheel!”
Provocative without ever being vulgar, Walter recalls: “After marriage, no more oral sex: women marry to have children, not to drink them.”
Walter strives to highlight glaring contradictions: “The priest, an unmarried virgin, tells the married couple how to behave!”, or: ” To imagine what one would do with a lot of money is a poor’s mania: the rich don’t imagine what they would do without money”
The texts of Walter’s performance are abounding and effective, humor is after each comma and we laugh constantly.

rire en vignes 2015 chateau de saint martin


Julie Victor does what she wants

Upon arrival on the Rire en Vignes stage, Julie Victor explodes and gives ample demonstration of her talent. Julie Victor can do everything: she’s funny, her voice is fabulous and she sings great, she dances and moves to perfection and supports her uproarious texts with hilarious facial expressions. In addition, she is charming!
Julie Victor recounts her bumpy life that inspired her songs. Taking the voice and facial expressions of the characters in her environment, Julie tells about her mother who used to call her “Serge” with his “flying kisses” and “faraway hugs”, her Russian singing teacher who threatens to cut off a finger at each failed vocalise.
Then come her adventures in Paris where she moves into a 7 cubic (!) meter loft. Between voicing ads for a tampon with heavy-duty absorption, her friends never finish their sentences and a psychic whoreads predictions in sushi. After a rather poor appearance at Eurovision with the Ortal band – in 2005 – the awesome actress/singer/comedian sang translations of English songs andvice versa, showing the funny side of words taken out of context. Julie Victor is accompanied on stage by Jérémie Pontier, a “multipass” humorous musician.

rire en vignes 2015 chateau de saint martin

Julie Victor

About the Château de Saint Martin

Managed by women in the same family since 1740, the Château de Saint Martin, located in Taradeau, in the heart of the Var, produces refined and elegant red, rosé and white wines, renowned crus of Provence with aristocratic names like Cuvée Comtesse Vieilles Vignes or Cuvée Eternelle Favorite.

The Château de Saint Martin is housed in a stunning park, a garden with 200 different plant species. The vine cultivation on this land dates back to the Roman period, before the Lerins monks established there a wine Priory from the 10th to the 13th century, for which they built a magnificent underground cellar in the 15th century, the genuine treasure of Château de Saint Martin.
The Château has 5 authenticaly furnitured guest rooms and hosts many events: weddings, private receptions, seminars, incentives, group tours, film shootings…
During the summer, you can discover a superb exhibition of photos by fashion photographer Andrane de Barry, Adeline de Barry’s daughter, as part of Art et Vins exhibitions.

rire en vignes 2015 chateau de saint martin

15th century underground cellar ©Andrane de Barry

To end the festivities, a Provençal dinner brought together artists and guests in the bucolic setting of the splendid gardens of the Château with tasting of the estate wines.


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