rosella hightower dance school restructuring

Rosella Hightower Dance School Restructuring

rosella hightower dance school restructuring

Studio view – ©Ville de Mougins

The Rosella Hightower Dance School campus restructuring and extension work, started with the laying of the the foundation stone, will end in August 2015.

The ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the work of restructuring and expansion of ESDCM Rosella Hightower was held on February 13, 2015, in the presence of Richard Galy, Mayor of Mougins and Paola Cantalupo, Artistic and Educational Director of the ESDCM as well as representatives of its partners: the State, the Region, the General Council and the City of Cannes.

Ambitious cultural program

The work involves the refurbishment of the boarding house of 50 rooms and the prefabs, 4 dance studios with acoustic insulation… This work incorporate new developments as, besides the ESDCM Rosella Hightower, the City of Mougins will achieve a major 18,000 m2 project, the Faissole Cultural Pole. The Cultural Center will include a theater, art workshops, a music school. Scheduled to begin in May 2015, it will open to the public in December 2016.

rosella hightower dance school restructuring

Cartes Blanches @N.Sternalski

ESDCM Rosella Hightower

Created in 1961 by Rosella Hightower, one of the most famous dancers of her time, the Rosella Hightower Dance School of Cannes Mougins is now one of the largest dance training centers in the world in classic, contemporary and jazz. For three years, it encompasses the Dance School of Marseille and hosts some 800 young people per year between amateurs, pros and intern students during the school holidays.

A campus unique in Europe

In a unique campus dedicated to dance in Europe, the Rosella Hightower Dance School provides dance studios, housing structure, restaurant, classrooms for general education.
In 1981, Rosella Hightower created the International Dance Festival in partnership with the City of Cannes and the Dance School takes a great part in the shows.

rosella hightower dance school restructuring

Pole Culturel Faissole ©Ville de Mougins

The Cultural Center Faissole

In a simple, refined and dynamic architecture, the Cultural Center Faissole will bring together in one place a theater, a school of music and fine arts workshops.
The modular theater hall will host 150, 350 or 650 seated people and 900 standing. The school of music will grow through the creation of an opera workshop, a cello class, computer-assisted music with a recording studio.
Located under the music school, the four fine art workshops will offer different activities for children, adolescents and adults.

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