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Suquet Des Arts Success In Cannes

The first Suquet Des Arts, cultural festival in the old town of Cannes, combining heritage, culture and artists, attracted crowds of tourists and Cannois.

This new summer event for all, a journey of culture in all its forms initiated by Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard, was held during the weekend of August 30 and 31, 2014 throughout the Suquet. All forms of art were presented: painting, photography, sculpture, floral art, street theater, fashion, music and concerts, etc. All these works had as a backdrop, the old stone of squares and streets of the historic town of Cannes.

We live better with Art

On Saturday, August 30, 2014, David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, originator of the concept, inaugurated the first edition of Le Suquet Des Arts surrounded by Gilles Cima, Deputy Mayor to the attractiveness of the streets, many politicians and artists involved in the animations. David Lisanrd presented the objectives of the Suquet Arts, opening his speech with these words: “We live better with art, especially in times of economic crisis!”
The event was originally intended to showcase the works of art in an authentic place, crossroads of history and culture. Then the Mayor’s idea is to make artists and craftsmen permanently settle  in Le Suquet, whoses streets would become an artistic journey. Finally, David Lisnard highlighted the pleasure to meet around a work of Art and share in a friendly atmosphere.

Enhancing Cannes heritage

The Mayor of Cannes wants to enhance the roots of Cannes identity while offering a new all-audience event to strengthen the summer attractiveness of the city. In addition to the program of cultural and event season of the Palais des Festivals, the Suquet des Arts boosts local shops in the historic district of the city, while promoting local craftsmen and artists.
Cannes cultural associations mobilized and were deeply involved in the organization of this artistic event: the association Village du Suquet, the association of Moulin Forville, the Association of Fine Arts in Cannes, the Fanfare de l’Espérance, the Conservatory of Music and Theatre of Cannes, the MJC Picaud, Cannes museums, etc.
Over 75 artists took part in the first edition Suquet des Arts many exhibitions and events, making of it a large success.

Many events

Throughout the weekend, entertainment thrilled the Suquet des Arts: concert followed by a dance with live music dance hall on the Place de la Castre, on Saturday; visual art and circus workshops for children; an exhibition of dresses from the 50s in the Moulin Forville; urban art performances, concerts of contemporary, classical or traditional music, a hip-hop show, floral and religious art and a parade of the Fanfare de l’Espérance, marching in the streets of Le Suquet.
Another original idea: jardinières flowered in the streets of the Suquet on the principle of “Incredible Edibles” to launch the concept of shared vegetable garden, the public could help themselves to vegetables or parsley sprigs.

Arts, Gods, Men

As highlight of the event, fashion designer Eva Kiba, since 5 years installed in the Republic Prado district in Cannes, showcased 17 models of dresses, inspired by the classical arts in all forms: theater, dance, painting, literature, etc.
Under the captivated eyes of the Gods, overloking from the stage, and with Le Marki as master of ceremony, Eva Kiba’s fashion show “The Arts, Gods, Men” showed the large audience that Art and Creation, make Men immortal, equal with the Gods. “If Beauty and Art can not save the world, they can at least unite men and make them better”, fashion designer Eva pleaded.


The pleasure of the Arts celebration was amplified through social networks by the installation an “InstaCannes” terminal Place de la Castre, that allowed everyone to share a friendly moment on their Instagram account and print their photos in real time with the iconic hashtag #mairiedecannes, to have a precious souvenir of the first Suquet des Arts.

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