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The Merchant of Venice Fragrance Voyages

The Merchant Of Venice

The Shop in Venice

The Merchant Of Venice presented at TFWA WE in Cannes its  product line taking its inspiration from the profumatoria arts emblematic of the Republic of Venice tradition.

The Merchant of Venice luxury fragrances evokes the voyages and the far-away scented destinations when the merchants of La Serenissima were sending numerous ships across the seas. The merchants were trading precious spices and other rare raw materials, bringing back unique spices, aromatic substances and essences to perfumeries in Venice.

Heritage and contemporary Venice

Through master craftsmen like the muschieri (perfumers), the Venetian perfumes and cosmetics were highly sought after in all the Royal Courts of Europe. The expertise in craftsmanship and the century old trade with the Orient makes of The Merchant of Venice perfumes the combination of heritage and contemporary Venice, through the expertise of the Venetian company Mavive.
To symbolize the traditions, the prestigious flagship store of the brand is located in a 17th century pharmacy in the very heart of Venice, in Campo San Fantin.
The Merchant Of Venice is a luxury line offering a wide range of exclusive Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, along with body care and household products and accessories.

Murano Collection

The Merchant Of Venice

The highlight of the line the Murano Collection, a range of six Eau de Parfum speaking about the long journeys from the fascinating cities of the Orient to the enchantment of Venice. The frangrances are contained in bottles based on the designs of the ancient creations by the Murano master glass-blowers.
The Murano collection bear poetic names with an evocative power of dreams and discoveries like Mandarin Carnival, Floral Fusion, Byzantium Saffron, Noble Potion, Suave Petals and Asian Inspiration. The Eau de Parfum, a smooth combination of essences from oriental flowers, noble spices, and delicate fruity fragrances, are available in 50 ml & 100 ml bottles.
The line is completed by a large assortment of body care and includes an accessories collection.

Museum Collection

The collection is composed of forty mono-thematic fragrances based on classic raw materials and olfactory families from Europe and Asia – reminiscent of a fragrance library of an ancient perfumer. Eau de Toilette 50 ml.

Both conceptual collections are accompanied with a body care collection and a collection of room fragrances inspired by Venice and its rich history.

Perfumer Kit

The Merchant Of VeniceThe Perfumer Kit is a distinctive element of The Merchant Of Venice. It includes a complete set of instruments and ingredients giving the possibility of translating desires into fragrances by using two bases (50ml each) and six facets (10ml each). The facets contain different mixtures of essences, one for each main olfactory family.
The kit offers fours olfactory orientations: Chypre & Fruity with sophisticated and vivid chords, Floral & Oriental to create sensual and feminine perfumes, Citrus & Musk with fresh and fizzy notes, and Woody & Fougère for elegant and masculine fragrances.

The Mude and the Serenissima

Tradition, innovation, memory, and contemporaneity are the ingredients of The Merchant of Venice fragrances. They are distributed in airports, museums, traditional shops, and modern department stores.
The line is inspired by the fascinating  history of the Mude (sea shipping lanes traveled by the merchants) and the timeless elegance of the Most Serene Venice, the capital of art, costumes and fashion.

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