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Two Nice Grand Paris Projects at Mipim

The Eiffel Tower Is Given a Facelift

The world-famous Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris for 120 years, will undergo renovations in 2012 and 2013. For the third time, the Eiffel Tower will be revamped and will, after a lot of work, propose a shiny new first floor, much to the delight of the audience, who will benefit of new attractions and a monument restored and all the more beautiful.

renovation-tour-eiffel-paris-2The purpose of this rehabilitation is to make the Eiffel Tower greener, with a view to sustainable development, and more accessible to disabled people, while rebuilding the reception hall and conference rooms, restaurants and shops but also designing a new course, both playful and educational. Two creations will be added to the renovations to make the tower more attractive, but also more spectacular. The new architecture will follow the slant of the tower and will be transparent, to provide a view of the 57m separating visitors from the ground. The two buildings facing each others will be rebuilt: the Gustave Eiffel room and the Ferrié pavilion. The third pavilion, the restaurant  58, Eiffel Tower will see its facade renovated along the same choice of materials (glass and anodized aluminum) and color (red-brown) than the other two. All buildings will adopt new oblique lines, inspired by the pillars between which theyare taking place. The aim of this work is to provide visitors with new sensations through the establishment of a glass floor which will give them the feeling of walking in space, 57 meters above the ground. The works span on 4,500 sqm.
Besides the three main buildings, the redevelopment of the first floor provides for a course of interpretation, explaining, among other things, the work of Gustave Eiffel. A way to encourage visitors to walk all round the Tower, and not just the peripheral gallery. In this context, accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRM) will be completely revised. The two levels lifts waiting area, three in number, will be protected by a new curve glass envelope.
The agency Moatti-Rivière was chosen to carry out this operation funded by the operating company of the Eiffel Tower (SETE) whose price is estimated at 25 million euros without tax. The work will begin in spring 2012 for a period of 18 months.

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A New Grand Stadium For Rugby in Ris-Orangis

As to prove the attractivity of the territory, the French Rugby Federation has selected the conglomeration of Evry Centre Essonne to build its future 82,000 capacity stadium. This projet spans over 133 hectares.

rugby grand stadeThe French Rugby Federation (FFR) selected the former Ris-Orangis Racecourse, at the heart of the Évry Centre Essonne Agglomeration, to build its future 82 000 capacity stadium. Designed by the architect designer firms, Populous and Ateliers 2/3/4/, this 5th generation arena will offer a retractable roof and removable pitch, making it one of the most modern and multi-purpose sporting venues in Europe. Backed by the hosting local authorities, this development planning project spans over 133 hectares across an area free from any constraint, at the crossroads of the A6 motorway and national road, the Francilienne. More than just a stadium, a new life hub will rise from out of the grounds built around two main pillars: the creation of an entertainment village and the birth of a cluster for the business of sports.
A pole of excellence linked to the sports industry, which aims to bring together sportswear suppliers, distributors, media, sporting federations, research bodies, etc. The ambition is to put in place favourable conditions for the birth of a sports cluster -yet to exist in the Île-de-France region- in order to promote innovation and enhance the knowledge and expertise of this long-term growth prospect sector. The industry, to this day unstructured, generates a 30 billion Euros turnover. This approach reaches beyond the Évry Centre Essonne Agglomeration’s scope inviting neighbouring local authorities, such as the Val d’Orge Agglomeration, into a wider “Sud Francilien Sports Couronne”, spanning from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines to Sénart.
Entirely privately funded, the FFR Stadium will also be supported by the local authorities in charge of managing property, the site’s development and its accessibility. On the whole, this project will catalyse strong social and economic values, especially in that it will create between 8,000 and 10,000 direct jobs and increase local tax revenues.

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