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Ultimune, Shiseido’s Fountain Of Youth

shiseido ultimune


The Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido caused a sensation at TFWA WE 2014 by introducing as a preview Ultimune, the last generation serum against skin aging.

After 20 years of research on antioxidants, genes, stem cells, the major cosmetics brand Shiseido has opened a new path to skin rejuvenation with a revolutionary serum: Ultimune.

Prevent aging

With age, the skin, our protection against the outside, loses its elasticity and firmness. For over 20 years, Shiseido laboratories have been studying its regeneration system. This allowed the famous Japanese brand to have a new approach to skin care. Ultimune care is one of the great innovations of the season thanks to its defensive power on the skin.

A revolutionary discovery

The skin has its own immune system to defend against environmental aggressions and stress. The system consists of Langerhans cells – also involved in the phenomenon of skin allergy. When facing an external aggression or emotional stress, they mobilize to defend the skin, the organ the most exposed to attacks and bacteria.

Boosting the cells

Over time, the soothing enzymes of the Langerhans cells see their activity decrease, the “barrier” function becomes less effective. Poorly defended, the skin becomes dull, the complexion loses its freshness, becomes irregular and the skin aging accelerates. With active vegetable ingredients boosting these cells, Ultimune strengthens further the defense of the skin.

shiseido ultimune


Reveal the Beauty already in you

Beyond the scientific discovery and innovation, the serum Ultimune offers an unprecedented texture, both dense and creamy that leaves skin matte soft and comfortable. It does not glitter unlike many sera. No need to put a lot, this concentrated care spreads easily on the face and is to apply before your daily moisturizer cream.
Ultimune makes the skin brighter and hydrated and reduces imperfections. Its aromacologic perfume, with rose and lotus, has beneficial properties on the mood. The red bottle, with its attractive and dynamic curves, evokes the energy transmitted by the product.

Large advertising launch

For the first time, Shiseido is launching Ultimune through a large-scale advertising campaign to promote the product which required 20 years of research. A commercial is seen on TV screens since October 6, 2014.
The serum Ultimune on sale in cosmetics corners at airports will be offered in duos: 2 x 75ml or 2x 50ml bottles, offering a more advantageous price for the travelers.

Try it, love it!

The serum Ultimune is a universal care that suits all skin types and all ages, less loaded with silicone than many sera. Its texture is a real plus: try it, love it!

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