vila joya portugual

Vila Joya, Hidden Paradise in Portugual

vila joya portugualVila Joya, the ‘House of Joy’ is a Hidden Gem, a little piece of paradise in the heart of the beautiful Algarve coast, a hotel with an irresistible magic.

Vila Joya – the ‘House of Joy’ in the original translation, located in a natural setting of rare beauty is a small Moorish palazzo perched over a secluded beach in the Algarve’s picturesque Atlantic coast, Portugal. The hotel is is a truly idyllic haven where nature and sophistication go hand in hand in an incredibly warm atmosphere. The cosy family-owned private hotel has been considered Europe’s Leading Boutique Hotel for 11 consecutive years at the World Travel Awards.

vila joya portugual

The magic of life by the sea

With a truly fitting name – ‘joya’ can be translated as ‘jewel’ in Portuguese – this beautiful hidden gem includes 22 individually decorated rooms and suites, all affording stunning ocean views or overlooking the property’s lush green gardens.
Its feet licked by the Atlantic, caressed by the fragrant Atlantic breeze whispering through its lush garden, Vila Joya offers you to listen to the sound of the waves while waking up, have a breakfast on your private terrace before walking down a few steps to the beach and take a swim in the deep blue ocean. The Spa brings you to some summits of relaxation, and  after sunset you can enjoy a rare culinary experience signed by two Michelin-star Austrian Chef Dieter Koschina at the hotel’s restaurant, part of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

vila joya portugual

John Wayne Time to cook!

Creativity and the healthy obsession of finding the perfect flavours are the inspirations behind Chef Koschina’s cuisine. His Michelin-star feat is not only about talent or money: for the Austrian Chef, it’s all about client satisfaction and the overall experience for guests. As the chef likes to say:  “A restaurant without clients is like a king without a kingdom, and the roots of our success are Vila Joya‘s clients. Our ultimate goal is to fulfill their wishes in the best possible way.” Chef Koschina always enjoys to cater to special requests and tells his team “It is John Wayne Time!”. To cook John Wayne-style means that the Chef will open the fridge, have a look at what is there and start cooking dishes that are not on the menu on the spur of the moment.

vila joya portugual

Vila Joya’s history

It was in 1978 that Dr. Klaus Jung and his wife Claudia travelled to the Algarve in search of a house for their family. Having already chosen a piece of land in the area, they came across a house that was not completely finished and didn’t have electricity or water, but which included a marvelous marble table that caught the eye of the Jung family. With great attention to detail, Claudia Jung transformed the property into a family summer home, which was then opened as Vila Joya in the Easter of 1982.
The story of the restaurant is jointly written by the Jungs and Chef Koschina, because one wouldn’t exist without the other. Now under the ownership of Joy, the daughter of Dr. Jung and the late Claudia Jung, Vila Joya’s award-winning boutique hotel and 2 Michelin-star restaurant continue to enjoy international success.

Romance in a hidden paradise

Vila Joya’s irresistible magic, embodied by its intimate atmosphere and discreet personalised service, is a ideal getaway for lovers. A true home away from home, the secret behind this hidden “paradise” has always been the spirit of love, which is present in every single detail and provides inspiration for the friendly staff.

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