whats cooking hotel carlton

What’s Cooking Inspirations at Hotel Carlton

whats cooking hotel carlton


The What’s Cooking inspirations at Carlton Hotel in Cannes offer memorable gastronomic moments in a palace of La Croisette at affordable price.

What’s Cooking at the Carlton Hotel? Qu’est-ce qui se mijote in the mythical palace of La Croisette, which recently celebrated its centenary? A week of taste at restaurant La Côte, concocted by Laurent Bunel, the talented chef of the Carlton, where each day opens up on a new opportunity to discover the fish catch of the day, the elegance of delightfully revisited culinary traditions, with tasty theme alliances like Beef and Wine and Wine or Homard and Champagne, sublimated for the eyes by a exquisite appearance.

Flavors that awaken the palate

“We work for the clients, we have a vocation of love!” Chef Laurent Bunel’s profession of faith asserts itself in an inventivity always looking for tastes that awaken the palate, with a cuisine of seasonality and market imbued with respect for the product, the passion for the profession and love of the customers.
In his kitchen, Laurent Bunel highlights the exceptional local products, going so far as to request specific varieties of carrots or tomatoes from a vegetable producer in La Roquette-sur-Siagne.
At the restaurant La Côte, the chef offers his inspiration “Lobster and Champagne” under the sun of La Croisette that we share with you, after a “mise en bouche” of an assortment of crispy garden vegetable with whom pick up a tomato sauce.

whats cooking hotel carlton


A chic and unctuous blessing

The Lobster Raviole, Emulsion of a Barigoule juice, capped with a Saffron caramelized mesh, offering a nice crunchy contrast to the fondant ravioli paste encasing a delicious and perfumed mixture of lobster, onion and white leeks, bathed with a juice made from lobster shells flambéed with Cognac.
This rich in taste, chic and unctuous “blessing” opens the appetite for Homard Raidi, Crushed Potato with Saffron, Rock Fish Soup, where the lobster is sitting on a throne of crushed potato, bathing in its natural environment dotted with saffron pistils and tiny croutons. Neptune, God of the Sea, comes to observe the colorful and tasty ode to saffron through thousands of small olive oil eyes on the Fish Soup.

The King of Undergrowth and the King of the Sea

With the following dishes, Laurent Bunel’s talent gives birth in the plate to happy marriages between Sea and Earth, between the marine and land flavors, between the delicate flesh of the lobster and the fondant or crunchy vegetables.
The first marriage of Sea and Earth is the roast Lobster on a bed of “reef” (a delicate purée of Butternut Squash and Noix du Périgord) and prickly Artichoke, is enshrined by a Sky of Mediterranean citrus with the Sucs d’Orange, from the same color as the Lobster.
With the Risotto with Lobster, Cèpe “Bouchon de Champagne”, Jus de Rôti and Cresson broth, the Cep, King of Undergrowth, makes a delectable guard of honor to the King of the Sea, and the sweet hazelnut flavor of the mushroom perfectly blends with the fine and iodine, lean flesh of the lobster.

whats cooking hotel carlton

Lobster Clasp, simmered Le Puy Lentils ©YesICannes.com

The lobster in love with tradition

The lobster i in love with the countryside and its traditional cuisine. With the Lobster Clasp, simmered Lentils from le Puy and “toupie” Carrot, Country Bacon, Laurent Bunel achieves a daring marriage but rich in tastes, sublimating an unlikely alliance of flavors between luxury and tradition, terroir and seafood, underground and underwater. In this delicious dish, revisited with grandmother accents, the melt-in-the-mouth nature of the AOC lentils “du Puy” simmered to perfection, on an unctuous background of olive oil and butter, is subliming the rich, full-bodied flavor of the finest of shellfish, that the bacon comes to fulfill with its soft touch. The Xeres vinegar brings the tangy touch and gives its full dimension to this recipe verging on a masterpiece.

The  Lobster & Champagne inspiration menu

This inspiration Lobster & Champagne ends with a delicious dessert inspired by the centenary history of the Carlton: Croustillant strong with Chocolate, lemon Tart Carlton “Elegance and Tradition. The Coffee is accompanied by its delicious Gourmandises: meringues with thyme.

The Lobster & Champagne menu includes 3 courses – entree, main course and dessert – served accompanied by two glasses of “grande maison” champagne (Nicolas Feuillatte vintage). It is available at lunch and dinner – 69 € per person.

whats cooking hotel carlton

Chef Laurent Bunel ©YesICannes.com

About Laurent Bunel

Laurent Bunel debuted in 1985 at the Casino de Deauville, and honed his talent in prestigious houses like Le Chabichou in Courchevel, L’Hotel du Golf and Le Royal in Deauville, with Bernard Loiseau, or in the Mauritius Island at the famous Saint Géran. Since 2001, he masterfully manages the Carlton restaurants, the service banquets and room service. His authentic cuisine based on exceptional local products is inspired by the market and the seasons, as well as the best tradition, that of pleasure and refinement.

The other thematic What’s Cooking inspirations

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

The traditional French cuisine, like the Pot au Feu, delightfully brought up to date. Tradition dish, pastries and a glass of wine, only served at lunch – € 39 per person.


Bouillabaisse Royale concocted with the good catch of the day: sea bream, bass, capon, monkfish, capped with… lobster. The Carlton gets a Provencal accent with the delicious scents of the Bouillabaisse Royale, singing every Wednesday.
Bouillabaisse in two dishes, dessert and two glasses of wine (sommelier choice), served for lunch and dinner – € 69 per person.


Beef & Wine: accompanied by selected wines, beef, meat for connoisseurs, coming from around the world, is grilled or sauteed. Starters to share, piece of beef, selection of garnishes and sauce, pastry rack, 1/2 bottle of wine (sommelier choice) only available at dinner – 69 € per person.

whats cooking hotel carlton


One hundred years of history, one hundred years of elegance

The Carlton, born with La Belle Epoque has recently been celebrating one hundred years of history, one hundred years of elegance. This Art Deco-style luxury hotel with its two famous domes, directly inspired – according to legend – from the breasts of “La Belle Otero“, was named historical monument on October 10, 1984.
Since 1913, the legendary building in the middle of La Croisette has been symbolizing the magic and splendor of Cannes. Its suites, named after the stars who have occupied them – Sean Connery, Alain Delon, Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly… – overlook the bay of Cannes and the Mediterranean, between heaven and earth.

What’s Cooking
Carlton Restaurant
58, La Croisette – Cannes
Reservations: +33 (0)4 93 06 40 06


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