alain ducasse louis XV monaco

Alain Ducasse A l’Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo

©Pierre Monetta
alain ducasse hotel de paris monte carlo

©Pierre Monetta

Alain Ducasse a l’Hotel de Paris continues the long and beautiful story of famous Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo with a new name, a new design and a cuisine between tradition and modernity.

No French Revolution swept away Le Louis XV! After renovation and embellishment, Alain Ducasse‘s flagship restaurant takes the name of Alain Ducasse A l’Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, a modern evolution in line with the creativity and passion one of the leading Chef in the world. The gastronomy sings a lighter version, with a larger share of vegetables in a superb cuisine with harmony, authenticity and accuracy of taste and the new design celebrates the French Riviera “douceur de vivre” with a contemporary touch to match the new dishes.

Over a quarter century of history

In May 1987, HSH Prince Rainier III entrusted Alain Duvasse with the direction of the restaurant Le Louis XV and challenged his to win three Michelin stars within four years. 33 months later, Le Louis XV is the first hotel restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars. In 2011, HSH Prince Albert II asked Alain Ducasse to conceive his wedding dinner with Miss Charlene Wittstock.

alain ducasse louis XV monaco

Blue Lobster with Myrtle berries and Ginger ©Pierre Monetta

An “essential” cuisine

Alain Ducasse deeply loves the French Riviera terroir  with “its so beautiful light and colors and enchanting landscapes”. This terroir brought him “products of the earth and the sea like none other” and whispered him “immemorial recipes by modest and generous women”. The cuisine of Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris tells more than ever the French Riviera. Fishes come from the local fishing, herbs and vegetables from the hinterland. The cuisine by chefs Dominique Lory and Alain Ducasse brings modernity, youth and gaiety with vigorous juice, intense broths and fresh condiments, to reveal the accuracy of bright and pure flavors.
The specialties that contributed to the reputation of Le Louis XV like the Primeurs from Provence Gardens with Black Truffle, available to customers since May 27, 1987, are always served at Alain Ducasse A l’Hotel de Paris as well as its famous Baba au Rhum.

Vivacity and freshness

Alain Ducasse’s cuisine emphasizes seafood flavors with Seashells and refreshed Chickpeas, iodized condiment, a few acid grapefruit notes accompany the Mediterranean Sea Bass with Beet and citrus from Menton, and one finds the bitterness of salad with the Risotto with Peas.
The menu takes a vegetable tone with the Steamed Green Asparagus and the Cookpot of seasonal vegetables.

alain ducasse louis XV monaco

Mediterranean Sea Bass with Beet and citrus from Menton ©Pierre Monetta

Authenticity of terroir

The humble chickpea has its place in the gastronomy of Alain Ducasse A l’Hotel de Paris, as well as the myrtle from the maquis of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in his Blue Lobster with Myrtle berries and Ginger. A native of the Southwest, the Chef will also take his lamb in the Pyrenees and the poultry in the Landes.
The preparations favor the Jus and broths that concentrate the flavors: the pea hulls will be the base for a jus that will wet the Cookpot vegetables.
Breads also express the terroir with focaccia with Olives or Lardons, bread with buckwheat flour or bread with truffle wheat.

A new contemporary design

For the new face of Alain Ducasse A l’Hotel de Paris, the chef called upon the talent to two of interior architects, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, with the task of sculpting the space of this Versailles Grand Siècle style room by bringing a contemporary dimension and subtly evoke the lifestyle of the French Riviera, offering a world unaffected by time.
JouinManku regularly work with starred chef: Marc Haeberlin at Les Haras in Strasbourg (awareded in London by the “prize of the world’s best restaurant design”), Thibaut Ruggeri at the Abbaye de Fontevraud and of course, Alain Ducasse, for which the architect duo worked on a couple of projects, including his Plaza Athénée restaurant.

alain ducasse hotel de paris monte carlo

L’Office ©Pierre Monetta

L’Office for “sculpting the space”

The room of the restaurant is crowned by a chandelier, an exceptional work of 800 pieces of glass, all unique, carefully assembled by hand, each integrating a sophisticated set of points of light. And a discreet light, under the tables, give the impression they are floating above the ground.
For “sculpting the space,” the officer’s cabinet – L’Office – stands in the center of the restaurant, showing what is usually hidden from view. This piece of furniture is transformed throughout the service and these changes are accompanied by a light show. On the table, exclusive tableware designs by Pierre Tachon compliment the meal.

Noël Bajor, head Sommelier of Alain Ducasse A l’Hotel de Paris, designed a wine list where one finds what make the connoisseurs dream: the wealth of one the most beautiful caves in the world (350,000 bottles) and the finest of local nectars from the French Riviera.
In the dining room, the ballet of service, perfectly controlled by Michel Lang, the restaurant manager, goes around L’Office in the center of the room.

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