bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Best Vignerons de Bourgogne at Bastide Saint-Antoine

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Jacques Chibois

Tasting the best wines of Burgundy at La Bastide Saint-Antoine inspired Jacques Chibois a sumptuous dinner of Meilleurs Vignerons de Bourgogne.

La Bastide Saint-Antoine, 5 star Relais & Châteaux and Jacques Chibois hosted on March 7, 2016 a day of tasting and presentation of the best Burgundy wines. To celebrate these great wines, the famous chef in Grasse composed some outstanding Food and Wine pairings for the Evening of the Best winemakers from Burgundy which, on the following Friday, closed the discoveries of the grands crus wines.
We invite you into the great chef’s kitchen to enjoy the refined savors of this evening of glass and plate harmony.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Table d’hôtes in the kitchen

It is a rare privilege to share the guest table of a great chef, living inside the kitchen the course of a gastronomic evening, watching the creation of dishes with the intervention of chefs de partie under Jacques Chibois’ orders and supervision and, finally, the departure to the room and guests of the superb dishes on large trays.
One can thus attend Jacques Chibois’s evolutions at the head of his brigade of cuisiniers and commis, as he works in the kitchen and coordinates with short orders the realization of dishes he imagined in the “kitchen of his mind”, where every day new ideas of tasty combinations are born. The kitchen of La Bastide Saint Antoine is large, ingeniously designed by the chef with a serving hatch for starters followed by others for the “chaud”. For a quiet preparation of desserts, the Pâtisserie has its separate area.

Menu Evening of Meilleurs Vignerons de Bourgogne

The tasting starts with an appetizer with a glass of Champagne Roger Pouillon et Fils, Récoltant Manipulant in Mareuil-sur-Ay, a delicious Champagne offering complex aromas.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Asperges vertes en vinaigrette de Truffe

Green Asparagus in Truffle vinaigrette on its Carpaccio of Tête de Veau, Riquettes and strips of Radish
The first dish is a combination of two ends, two “heads”: Asparagus and Veal in a unique combination where the crunchy of the asparagus tip mixes with the smoothness of the succulent warm Calf’s Head, animal and plant being sublimated by the freshness of the vinaigrette enhanced with Truffle shavings. An original delight based on a typical dish from the Limousin, region of origin of the great Jacques: the Calf’s Head, which contain no fat, is also very healthy.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Gros Turbot doré aux Herbes sèches

Gros Turbot browned with dry Herbs, Cabbage Fondue with fine grey Shrimps and St Jacques coral, with its emulsion of Yuzu Lemon
The firm and lean flesh of the flat fish, nicknamed the “prince of the sea”, rapidly cooked with aromatic herbs and topped with a superb emulsion of an appetizing coral yellow, as it lives on the bottom of sea, covered with sand camouflage. The sweet taste of cabbage goes perfectly with the delicate meat, the shrimps, magnified by the long aftertaste of Japanese Yuzu lemon.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Pistes farcies aux Blettes et aux Truffes

Small stuffed Pistes stuffed with Chard and Truffles, served in truffled broth with small Leek and Raviole with the Mascarpone of Anchovy and Tomato
The Sea again, with this colorful dish: the Pistes are a variety of small squid exclusively found in the Mediterranean. These delicate seafood are savored with a nice Pot au Feu broth embellished with Truffle flakes, interspersed of the marine feast of ravioli with rich iodine taste.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Noix de Filet de Chevreuil de Chasse

Noix of Roe Deer fillet, Pepper sauce with Cherry, chiffonnade of Roasted roots with Chestnuts, Roasted Pear with Black Pepper and Potatoe purée with Walnut coulis
The wealth of tastes of this masterpiece is exceptional: the tenderness of the game, a soft and fragrant flesh which melts under the tongue, coated with a jus that gives it a superb long finish (the meat is cooked with wild Cambodia pepper, a spice with wonderful unique taste…); the “roots: Rutabaga, Jerusalem Artichoke, Parsnip and their powerful flavors from Earth; the Pear brings his note of sweetness, topped with the puree with walnut.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

The fine Potimarrons roll end with St Marcelin, Porcini coulis, crumbs of Pistachios
A fresh cheese from mountain meadows, ripened at heart and creamy, a curcubit from the vegetable garden – the groom Pumpkin – married with mushrooms from the forest, compose a light and tasty cheese dish, to which the Pistachios give an exotic touch.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

The Strawberry Symphony with Fruit from the Islands on its Mandarine Douceur, with a Vanilla emulsion, Sorrel sorbet
To finish in style a dinner of such quality, pastry chef Stéphane Mangin has worked more than 10 days on an dessert exceptional with lightness and alchemy of flavors, to compose a symphony of fruits on a delicate note of crisp. In the spoon, the Vanilla emulsion supports the explosion of flavors, freshness and the melody of acidity and freshness of the Strawberry and various fruits laid on a light lace of Orange; atop the aerial construction, a Sorrel sorbet brings a creamy note of freshness!

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Grands Crus wines

Best wines by Vignerons de Bourgogne

The selection by Chef Sommelier Frédéric Brochen included great wines from Burgundy, a prestigious area that produces wines in which experts manage to discern over 500 different flavors!

Champagne 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs Fabrice Pouillon,
Chassagne Montrachet Domaine Morey Coffinet 2014,
Meursault Domaine Philippe Chavy 2012,
Chambolle Musigny Clos Le Village Monopole Domaine Gilbert Felettig 2013
Nuits St Georges Domaine Francois Legros 1er Cru Les Perrières 2012.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

About Jacques Chibois in Grasse

In the Perfume Capital, Jacques Chibois invited the Provence to La Bastide Saint-Antoine, 5-star Relais & Châteaux, a residence of the eighteenth century in the heart of a five-hectare olive tree grove. His mind always bubbling with ideas, the chef offers a higly elegant cuisine, very creative while respecting the “values of the terroir.” Born in Limoges, he led an exemplary career alongside Jean Delaveyne, Roger Vergé, Louis Outhier, Michel Gerard, from the Régine’s Club in Paris, New York and London to the Royal Gray – first restaurant in Cannes to win two stars. His immense talent earned him two stars and countless awards. In 1996, he opened his own establishment, La Bastide Saint-Antoine in Grasse, where from the beautiful terrace, “the horizon is the sea!”

By creating the Routes du Bonheur, Relais & Châteaux are committed to change the world through gastronomy and hospitality. To this end, the Bastide Saint-Antoine is a must stopover on the Road to Happiness in Provence.

bastide saint antoine vignerons bourgogne

Tasting of best Burgundy wines

A tasting of selected Burgundy wines, organized by the wine merchant Geoffroy Gamba, took place on March 7 at la Bastide Saint Antoine.
The 18 Burgundy winemakers, gathered on the terrace of la Bastide, exhibited a selection of their wines to professionals in the region. In this unique setting, throughout the day, the producers had their delicious nectar tasted, like the Domaine Pinson and its Chablis, Domaine Morey-Coffinet on Chassagne-Montrachet, a vineyard of 9 hectares that extends on Chassagne and Puligny-Montrachet or the domain Emmanuel Giboulot, organic wine grower in the region of Baune.

To treat his hosts, Jacques Chibois offered for lunch some tasty and elegant dishes, served under the ancient olive trees.

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