buche lenotre 2015

Bûche Lenôtre By Hermès

©T. Dhellemmes
buche lenotre 2015

Büche Lenôtre 2015 ©T. Dhellemmes

The Bûche Lenôtre 2015 is an amazing and beautiful delicious Christmas log born in petit h, Hermès creative workshop and research laboratory.

For the twenty-first consecutive year, the Maison Lenôtre in Cannes unveiled on October 29 the breathtaking and beautiful Bûche Lenôtre. A combination of luxury and craftsmanship with small h, Hermès creative workshop, which signed an upscale and gourmand Christmas log.
The tasty avant-première was attended by the Maison Lenôtre’s General Director, Laurent Le Fur, Creative Director Guy Krenzer and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Eric Finon, Chef de Cuisine of Lenôtre on the French Riviera, who introduced the Galette Fleur Lenôtre & Fragonard.

buche lenotre 2015

Pascale Mussard & Guy Krenzer ©Paul Lesourd-Agence Couloir

Raw materials and tools from petit h

By partnering with Hermes research laboratory, the famous Maison Lenôtre gave carte blanche to Pascale Mussard, Artistic Director of small h,  Hermes creative workshop and research laboratory. The superb design work has been translated into gourmandise by Guy Krenzer, Lenôtre’s Director of Creation and his experts pastry chefs.
The creators of Hermes luxury goods – clothes, leather goods, bags, belts, accessories and the famous “Carrés” – have reinterpreted in sweets the raw materials and tools used by the workshop small h. The Bûche Lenôtre is decorated with a Saint-Louis crystal in cast sugar, a chocolate “Carré” true to the drawing on silk “Les Confessions” by artist Flavia Zorrilla Dagro. There is also the iconic stirrup and locks of chocolate. The tools of the artisans are evoked in sweet flavors like the nail “Medor”, the wire coil and beeswax in marzipan.

buche lenotre 2015

Millefeuile of talents for an outstanding log

To carry out this delicate and tasty work of art of Bûche Lenôtre, Pascale Mussard was inspired by the raw materials and tools used in the laboratory of Hermes. Guy Krenzer did get the point of the original idea and revisited the whole universe of Hermès in a Christmas log “façon millefeuille”. The Bûche Lenôtre 2015 combines layers of mousse and Yuzu chocolate ganache – a nod to the Autumn Leaf -, of croustillant and “Success” biscuit made from meringue with Valencia almonds.
The freshness and acidity of yuzu allied to the power of three kinds of chocolate from Peru, Africa and Zephir de-sugared chocolate give an explosion of flavors in the mouth. A pleasure already for the eye, which will admire at length the multifaceted work of craftsmanship due to the skill of the pastry chefs who reproduced every accessory to perfection.

The limited edition is numbered (400 bûches), delivered in a luxurious wooden box and will be available from December 12 to 24 at the price of 130 euros in Lenôtre boutiques. To book from December 1, 2015.

buche lenotre 2015

Galette Lenôtre & Fragonard ©T. Dhellemmes

La Galette Flower Lenôtre & Fragonard

The Maison Lenôtre partners with the master perfumer Fragonard for a festive Epiphany marrying gourmandise and perfume of flowers, flattering the eye, the nose and the palate.
To reinterpret this traditional dessert, Guy Krenzer and his pastry chefs were inspired by the sun-drenched Provence, the region of origin of Fragonard, and the Orange Blossom, iconic fragrance of the perfumer from Grasse, that also flavors many sweet recipes.
The Galette Fleur Lenôtre & Fragonard contains a light brioche soaked in a syrup with almond and orange blossom fragrances, combined with an unctuous crémeux subtly flavored with orange blossom. On the slightly caramelized top of the puff pastry, the pastry chefs have designed floral arabesques.
An additional tasting pleasure: after a few minutes in the oven to warm, the gastronome can spray his portion with the vial containing aromas of orange blossom that accompanies the galette.

©T. Dhellemmes

Fèves ©T. Dhellemmes

Seven fèves in a collector’s box

Six porcelain beans, representing the mythical flower in Grasse – Iris, Jasmin, Violet, Rose, Mimosa, Orange Blossom – used by Fragonard, were created exclusively for this Galette des Rois.
The six beans are gathered in a limited edition prestige box which will contain a “collector” bean: a miniature bottle of the famous Billet Doux by Fragonard, a tribute to the most beautiful flowers of the Riviera.
A cord will enable to wear the beans as a pendant and a ceramic soaked in Fragonard orange blossom flavor will delicately scent the household linen.

Available in all Lenôtre boutiques and on lenotre.com from January 2, 2016.
Galette Lenôtre & Fragonard and spray Fleur d’Oranger: € 59 for 8/10 people
Box of 7 beans with the “collector”bean, the saddler cord and scented ceramics: € 39 – limited edition


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