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Cannes Film Festival Initiatory Routes

On day 7, Cannes Film Festival shows two different movies, Deux Jours Une Nuit by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne and Still The Water by Naomi Kawase, telling two different initiatory routes.

Deux Jours Une Nuit by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne

The most «palmed» brothers of the cinema present their 7th film consecutive film in the competition, a social thriller

Europe is deep in an economic and social crisis and a dismissal can cause an everyday life drama. In a small company, where employees are not numerous enough to form a union, Sandra, considered weak, not well-performing enough, is to be fired. The majority of her colleagues voted for a reduction in the workforce and the dismissal of Sandra in exchange for a bonus.

Sandra and her husband Manu, united in adversity, will try to counter the fate ahead of her and convince her colleagues to give up the bonus so she can keep her job. Sandra finds strength and courage through the struggle with her husband, but she only has a weekend, two days one night, to influence her destiny.

The film criticizes the obsession with performance and the violent competition and rivalry among employees.

Will the Dardenne brothers put a third Palme d’Or on their fireplace mantel ?

With Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongione, Pili Groyne, Simon Caudry

Still The Water by Naomi Kawase

The Japanese island of Amami, with subtropical climate, is located between Kyushu and Okinawa. Thanks to its many mountains and forests, the people live in harmony with nature. 
They believe that a god lives in every tree, every stone and every plant.

The people revere the nature of Amami as a god. They say that beyond the sea lies a country called Neriyakanaya, a source of abundance. This is where the soul goes after death. At the death of a loved one, instead of lamenting, they see this as a temporary separation in the flow of time.

During a full-moon August night, 16-year-old Kaito discovers the body of a man floating in the sea. His girlfriend Kyoko will help him to solve this mysterious discovery. Together, they discover the cycles of life, death and love…
With his film, Naomi Kawase wished viewers to realize that men are not the center of all things, but a part of the cycle of nature.

With Nijirô Murakami, Jun Yoshinaga, Miyuki Matsuda

The Red Carpet

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