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nice carnival 2014

Nice Carnival Flames and Fireworks

The festivities of the 130th edition of Nice Carnival were concluded on March 4 in the evening with the traditional burning of the King of Gastronomy followed by fireworks. Sad […]

nice carnival 2014 flower parade

Nice Carnival Flowered Gastronomic Parades

Under a rain of petals, the Promenade des Anglais hosts in music the flower parades of Nice Carnival 2014 under the authority of the King of Gastronomy. The Tourist Office […]

nice carnival 2014

Nice Carnival King of Gastronomy Invites to All Gourmandises

Nice Carnival 2014 celebrates Gastronomy, all the gastronomies, even the boldest; but if the King of Gastronomy wants to taste everything, he especially loves the Cuisine Nissarde. From February 14 […]

nice carnival 2014

Nice Carnival King of Gastronomy Meets Gourmand Subjects

The 130th Nice Carnival and the King of Gastronomy gave a taste and a flavour of the colorful Cuisine Nissarde during the opening ceremony festivities on February 14, 2014 at […]

carnival nice roi gastronomie

Nice Carnival King of Gourmands

The 130th edition of the Nice Carnival invites all the gastronomes at the table of Carnival, King of Gastronomy, who will rule over Gourmands in Nice from February 14 to […]