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Nice Carnival King of Gastronomy Meets Gourmand Subjects

The 130th Nice Carnival and the King of Gastronomy gave a taste and a flavour of the colorful Cuisine Nissarde during the opening ceremony festivities on February 14, 2014 at Place Massena.

Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, along with famous actor Gérard Depardieu, Deputy mayor Denise Fabre and Angéline, Queen of Carnival 2014, declared opened on Friday February 14, 2014 the 130th edition of the third Carnival in the world whose gourmand and festive reign will last 19 days. Nice Carnival inauguration ceremony had began at 20 h 30 on a Place Masséna packed with 1,500 schoolchildren wearing chef toques and donning attires of “marmitons” (kitchen boys): pots and pans and forks, spoons and graters.

The show began with an anniversary characterized by youth: the celebration in Nice of 50 years of diplomatic relationship between China and France. Young ballets from Pekin performed charming and poetic dances on truly professional choreographies before an audience of Chineese kids who came to attend the Nice Carnival.
For the second part of the show, the compagnie hispano-argentine Grupo Puja presented K@osmos, an enchanting high altitude poetic theater show. Eight artists suspended at a large steel ball 50 meters above the ground that a huge crane lifts skyward. After many acrobatic figures during which they gave away large amouts of “confettis”, they hoverd over the public to shake hands with the viewers.

It was then the turn to children from the Nice schools to play their part with gastronomic choreographies and songs after instructions given by a “gastronomic conducter”, perched on a platform who showed them the movements and rythm. They danced, performed percussions with pans and spoons, and sang local songs, including “Issa Nissa” (Go Nice).
At the end of the songs, Christian Estrosi, MP-Mayor of Nice, President of the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, surrounded by Gérard Depardieu, Denise Fabre, Carnival Queen Angéline, Rudy Sales and many personnalities, gave the official opening speech before decraring opend the 130th Nice Carnival.

The Place Masséna was was brilliantly illuminated for the entrance parade of the floats of the King and Queen of Gastronomy. The smiling King is wearing a chef dress and holds a cake ready to be served and the gracious Queen’s gown is a charlotte with red fruits.  The Nice carnival opening ceremony ended with a fireworks show around the statue of Apollo.

Actor Gérard Depardieu, who is impersonating Garguantua on float, took great pleasure at the ceremony. He had fun spraying his neighbors with magic foam bombs, swaying to the rhythm of the music. He then made the show with the schoolchildren, gently posing with them for pictures. He said: “This year’s theme is Gastronomy, I could’nt miss that!”

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