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Fete du Citron 2014 Under Water Launch

The 81st Fete du Citron in Menton, inaugurated on Saturday, February 15, promises exciting adventures to visitors in the magic of a festival of colorful citrus themed “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”.

Captain Nemo noted in the logbook of the Nautilus that the 81st Fete du Citron was inaugurated by MP-Mayor of Menton, Mr Jean-Claude ‪Guibal accompanied by many personnalitues including Jacques Boisson, Secretary of State and Michel Roger, Ministre of State, representing SAS the Prince Albert Ier of Monaco, Jean Daniel Montet Jourdran, Vice-Prefect of Alpes Maritimes, Giuseppe La Rosa, Prefect of Vintimille, Serena Lippi, General Consul of Italie in Nice, Wolfgang Gerstner, Mayor of Baden Baden. The officials visited the Boviès garden, admired the exhibition of colorful motifs and were honored by a traditional musical aubade and dance.

From February 15 to  March 5, visitors can visit the abyss of the oceans and see all the wonderful creatures of the deep blue sea. Led by Captain Nemo in Biovès Gardens, they willl marvel at the giant exhibition of motifs covered in golden fruits, sun-drenched in the French Riviera. They can put on a dive suit, admire the Nautilus with purring engine, be scared by a growling sea monster, a sea turtle or a giant spider. They can also enjoyed an organ concert given by Captain Nemo and hear the song of a giant whale or local songs from a native exotic hut.
Spectators will also be seduced by the charm of the Mermaid of the Fete du Citron, its exceptional godmother, the famous sailor Maud Fontenoy.

From February 16 at 14 h 30, day and night corsi (parades) will stage ten floats created on the theme of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” and multiple street entertainments. The Fete du Citron involves more than 300 professionals and requires 145 tons of citrus.

As every year, the Fete du Citron will be accompanied by the International Festival of Orchids and the Country of Menton Trades Show at Palais de l’Europe in Menton.

To better immerse oneself in the Festival, packages with and without accommodations are offered to fans of the Fete du Citron.

Full program and tariffs: Menton Tourist Office – 33 (0)4 92 41 76 76


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