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Nice Carnival King of Gastronomy Invites to All Gourmandises

Nice Carnival 2014 celebrates Gastronomy, all the gastronomies, even the boldest; but if the King of Gastronomy wants to taste everything, he especially loves the Cuisine Nissarde.

From February 14 to March 4, 2014, Nice Carnival, the third largest carnival in the world, offers a program of unforgettable entertainment on the French Riviera. On Place Massena upturn in the colors of Carnival and decorated with gigantic sets, carnival parades composed of 18 floats tell the King of Gastronomy’s delicacies.
The giant, colorful parades, taking place day or night, are liven up by over 1,000 musicians and dancers from all over the world. For its 130th anniversary, the Nice Carnival has offered a fireworks of dishes in an atmosphere of magical feats that make sparkle the eyes of young and old.
The first to open the Corso is the King of Gastronomy, sweet or savory, holding a cake in hand ready to be tasted by the public. He is dressed as a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, with a blue-white-red edging on his attire. Queen Charlotte follows closely in her dress of red fruit charlotte, all in sweets and sunny smile.

Gastronomy on floats

Good-natured gourmandise and pleasures of the table are referred to by the float “Gargantua”, in the guise of actor Gérard Depardieu. The “Bocuse Imperator”, a tribute to Paul Bocuse, a genius of a chef, evokes through its multiple arms  the multi-tasking chef during the rush in the kitchen and the many talents he displays.
Moreover, the Michelin Bibendum on its float is there to assess his work. Winning a star is like winning the jackpot! But how to satisfy its insatiable appetite to reach the star?
Fortunately, Carnavalon and his garden of delights advocates a return to the sweet world of childhood, the happy time of snack and sweets. The float Café recalls this French social and cultural institution… Around the ‘zinc’, encounters and friendship are forged and many gossips or jokes exchanged.
Professor Culinarius’ float invites us into the kitchen of the extreme, as a sorcerer’s apprentice who is experimenting, seeking to satisfy the appetites of the future, even if going astray. Moreover, a giant articulated insect reminds us that everything is good to put on one’s plate: insects, game of the 21st century?…
A float entitled “Attack of Transgenic Vegetables” and Vegetables Grosses Têtes raise the question of a real social issue across the world: return to organic and natural or new science and exploration?

Nice Carnival’s traditions

Nice Carnival remains faithful to the traditions of irreverence with the float “Hollande Cheese”: unemployment, public deficit, crisis, French President of the Republic remains serene about all the problems of the country despite the discontent of the public…
While “Angela’s Euro Sauerkraut” (Merkel) seems to prove that Germany found the right ingredients for useful reforms through a strict recipe.
The float of the comedian Coluche, prematurely gone, the “Sharing in Heritage”, reminds us that his fight against inequality is persisting dramatically.
The “Cantina on the Cours” recalls that the olive oil-based Cuisine Nissarde, present throughout the Cours Saleya, is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, providing well-being in the respect for regional sun-drenched products! Nissa la Bella has created a label “Cuisine Nissarde” which already awarded 17 restaurants in Nice. Nothing to do with fast food which Nice Carnival mocks with an hilarious “Junk Food Junkie” float.

The Corso is also liven up with Grosses Têtes (large heads), marching-bands, brass bands and floating motifs like the Silver Fishes by the Company Aerosculture and huge balls by the Plasticiens Volants Company. The BAT (Brigade d’ Agitation des Tribunes) is everywhere to bring disorder and good mood.

The cuisine is divine. One of the most exported Arts in France provides always a colorful spectacle. Bon appétit!

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