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Christian Estrosi’s New Year Reception for Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur

On January 7, 2014,  Christian Estrosi, MP, Mayor of Nice and President of Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, has extended wishes to more than 7,000 guests, Métropole public employees and their families, at Nikaïa hall before offering them the show “Mamma Mia”.

In the presence of Mr Adolphe Coltrat, Prefect of the Maritim Alps, Mr Eric Ciotti, MP and President of the Maritim Alps General Counsil, elected officals and mayors of the Métropole, Mr Estrosi sent his greetings to all the services of the State, the civil society groups, military authorities, elected officials, representatives of religions, of cultural, sports and social associations, who make the life and spiritual diversity of Nice and its Métropole, serving the common good.
He began his speech with these words: “During the first days of the year, everything seems possible, and these wishes that I make on behalf of the city of Nice and the Métropole, are primarily the wishes of the heart, as well as the wishes sent to all authorities, all personalities, all actors of the life of our city and our Métropole. And this year, I offer my wishes in the name 49 mayors since, fromJanuary 1st, we are happy to welcome among us mayors, councilors and residents from Bonson, Le Broc, Gattières and Gilette.”
He praised the employees’ work and daily commitment: “We all mayors believe that the quality and availability of our local public services will increase further, and that more than ever, Nice people and the inhabitants of the Métropole will be able to measure all the good you bring to their daily lives. Here we are all gathered, physically or in thought, for sharing this moment, and it is always a great moment for me.”
In addition to a formal event, Christian Estrosi wanted this event to be a moment of spontaneity and simplicity, of sharing with those we love: “I want this to be a time of joy, and that you measure all the joy you have given us throughout the year.”
The screening of a film traced all the achievements, vitality and success of the City of Nice and the Côte d’Azur Métropole. At the end of the screening, he commented: “The film we saw together emphasized the joy, the vitality, which, without you, without everything you’ve imagined, built, created, organized, maintained, would have been impossible. In this film, we felt that here, in this land of exception, we love exceptional men and women. But, if these men and women of exception competed, won, were rewarded, it is also thanks to you! They have given us a part of dignity, a part of Nice pride, it is also thanks to you! Thanks to the infrastructure that you have built, through events that you managed, thanks to the tools and resources you have made, you all, at all adminsitrative levels!”

Mr Estrosi then called on stage sportsmen who carried high the colors of Nice in 2013, including footbal of the club OGC Nice: “Jean -Pierre Rivère, the president of our Gym, Claude Puel, the organizer of our success, Didier Digard, the Captain who dares to score goals from the center, Eric Bauthéac, the attacker without fear, Alexis Bosetti, the most nissart of attackers, and Camille Muffat, who rose to fame with her Olympic medals and her recent success at the world championship, with Fabrice Pellerin, her coach recently rated best coach of the year. Thanks to all these Nice heroes to be with us, with our family! ”
Christian Estrosi also mentioned the Ecovallée: “There are we seeing the emergence of industrial clusters which are promising sectors. We are again considered because with the Métropole, the reputation of our tourism economy, the attractiveness of stations in the hinterland, the quality of our agriculture, guarantee of healthy and tasty products, are growing everywhere.”

He finally ended his speech by recalling that: “Together we have metamorphosed Nice, and we have created around it, for all, a new territory, that of development, of the environment, of the shared solidarity. Over these six years, I lived with you an extraordinary human adventure. An adventure made of heart, commitment, and with trials of which life is never stingy, nevertheless, against all, an adventure made of dreams become realities. Then, in 2014, let’s pursue our dreams!”

To end the ceremony, Christin Estrosi and personalities then sang the regional anthem ” Nissa la Bella” accompanied by the choirs of the Opéra de Nice and the song was taken up by the whole audience.

Then, the 7,000 spectators had the pleasure of enjoying the musical “Mamma Mia!”. On this occasion, Nice was hosting the last performance of the show inspired by the band Abba’s songs and already seen by some 50 million people worldwide.


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